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Monday, March 22, 2010

They went and did what shouldn't have been done

Well they passed the healthcare bill last night. Is America going to be like Lazarus. We are gonig to die before we can have new life.

The title “America’s Greatest Terrorist” to the United States should now go Obama.

His accomplishments so far:

• The non-stimulus package was not intended to stimulate anything. It has only run up the debt and only a few billion has actually been spent to produce anything. It is only productive work that does anything to build the economy. the stimulus was mostly use for a cronyism slush fund and rewarding friends of Obama and democrats.

• The government takeover of private businesses

• Discouraging and ticking off our allies.

• Running up the national debt to record amounts taking us to the same possible fate as Greece, bankruptcy. Presenting a budget which would do even more damage.

• Increasing taxes when he said he would not which discourages small businesses.

• Embracing the global warming fantasy to try to pass cap and trade (cap and tax) legislation and when it failed he is trying to do it by royal decree (executive order).

Now that the health care legislation has passed it will add to the destruction.

• The threat of ever changing regulations that affects business planning. How many project have been put on hold because nobody knows what the government is going to do next.

• First it passed using unconstitutional methods and against the will of the people. If this sets the new standard of corruption for passing legislation then our democratic republic is dead. If this stands we all fall. America was the nation that held to the rule of law until now. We are quickly coming under the rule of the lawless.

• Second we see the mafia, Chicago style of operating in Washington. If this becomes the normal way of doing things then we have truly become a banana republic. We have reached third world status in a matter of a couple of years.

• On the bill itself we can see that the penalties and taxes in health care will drive many small businesses out of business. Those that were barely hanging on will be pushed over the brink. Even those that remain will lay people off to avoid the extra cost. Unemployment will reach record numbers everywhere.

• Individual cost will go up in many different ways. First taxes will increase to pay for the basics then there are individual penalty for not buying the government directed insurance. The added cost of 16,000 new IRS agents hired just to enforce the new mandates. There’s the cost of providing documentation to prove you have insurance and finally the fear and intimidation you will live in every April 15th if the paperwork doesn’t fall in line as required. The taxpayer gets to pay the salaries of the people used to harass them annually.

• Cost controls and insurance mandates will force insurance companies to go out of business, thereby requiring us to go to the government option as the only provider of insurance.

• The cost of hiring goes up and thus more people out of work for longer periods of time. There are people who have been out of work for nearly two years already. That is the longest period of out of work employees since the depression and it will not get better.

• Doctors will leave their medical practice. From 30% to 50% of the doctors plan to quit if this goes into full deployment. They did not go into medicine with the intent of working for the government.

• Fewer doctors, millions more people looking for free medical care and less money for the providers means that will be shortages, waiting lines, rationing, hospital closings and higher medical cost for lower quality service.

• Less innovation and medical advancements because the profit motive to do this is removed. Why invest billions to develop an idea when all you are going to do is maybe break even or lose money?

• The healthcare bill is more about control and power. If the government can take away your healthcare when you don’t toe the government line then they control you and your life. If you don’t like the indoctrination or buy into the socialist ideas then your treatment for swine flu might be “take two aspirins and call me next month.” Break a leg and the treatment will be “sit real still for two months and see how it does”. If you say “yes sir”, “no sir” and “all hail Obama” as directed then you might get reasonable treatment.

To follow this Obama and the democrats are planning to take over even more area of government and pass more legislation that will make it almost impossible to remove them from government control and from congress. The mantra will always be “they (conservatives) are going to take your “_____” (fill in the blank) away”. They want everyone so dependent on the government that it becomes our national socialist addiction. But without economic growth the boat will run out of pails with which to bail it out. Soon our boat will sink. Some say in as little as four years after the cost of this bill kicks in. America will be no more.

Nancy said this healthcare bill “will kick in the door” for more legislation to follow. What diabolical things are they planning next? They want to take over the internet. they want amnesty for illegal immigrants. Who knows what lurkes in their evil minds.
Obama consider himself to be a “Constitutional lawyer” as he taught constitutional law in college. I think his real expertise is seeing how to avoid the Constitution to create his Marxist dream. If he was naively sincere about how this was the idealistically the best for the American people and he was upright and honest about his actions it would be at least a hearty debate about healthcare. But with the underhanded methods, arm twisting, shutting out the opposition, backroom deals, cronyism, openly communist Czars who answer to nobody and blatant lying about what the healthcare bill will do leaves us with nothing but the feeling that we have a person in the mold of a Chavez, Lenin or Mao’s predecessor Wang Ming.

“Wang was a theorist and lecturer rather than an activist, an idealist rather than a realist, and an intellectual rather than a politician. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) would never win the revolution through speeches and theories. When Wang won power, his immaturity and recklessness, with little experience of struggling under tough conditions, was uncovered. He seldom realized that his power was built on sand. Compared with Mao, who was a veteran survivor of the cruel power struggle inside and outside CCP, Wang was destined to fall once he lost support from Moscow.” (Wikipedia)
Mao followed Wang Ming, Stalin followed Lenin. Millions died. Who will follow Obama if he gets away with this destruction of our Constitution? How many will have to die. We will not leave this disaster to our children to pay for. We will leave it to our children who believe in the Marxist utopia. The rest will not survive.

The solution: The states need to call a Constitutional convention and put the Constitution back on track. We need to return to the rule of law not the lawless. We don’t need to change the original Constitution or the original amendments. We need to revoke the amendments that open the door to an out of control government and clarify by agreement definitions like the “Commerce clause”, the “Spending clause” and the “Establishment clause”. Defining these clearly according to the founder’s intentions would put our government in it place, cancel out a lot of the regulations and agencies that a true republic democracy should not have.

We need to amend or repeal the 14th amendment to limit the federal government again. We need to repeal the 16th amendment to remove the income tax and the IRS. We need to repeal the 17th amendment so Senators will be chosen by their states senates not by popular vote so to be beholden to the interest of the state and not be required to campaign for re-election. The popular vote was for the congressmen so there would be a separate type representation in congress. As it is there is no difference between congressmen or senators. They both use taxpayer dollars to get re-elected.

Without a constitutional convention we will accomplish nothing. If we try to repeal all this stuff a little at a time then we will end up with compromises here and there that eventually will take us down the same road of compromises we done for the last 100 years and those compromises are what got us here in the first place.


Assorted quotes taken from commentaries:

“…..When a deep blue state voted a Republican into Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, largely on the basis of his opposition to ObamaCare, the President and Democrats simply changed the rules of the game, attempting to shoehorn a massive expansion of the welfare state into a procedure intended to correct minor discrepancies between House and Senate legislation.

Apparently, House Rules committee member (and impeached, then removed judge) Alcee Hastings (D-FLA) was right when he insisted, “There are no rules here . . . we simply make them up as we go along.” But Americans understand that a Congress with “no rules” is a frightening beast – especially when its lawlessness is actively encouraged by the nation’s Chief Executive. “

“…….Americans, a majority of who oppose the health care bill, can see through all of this. They aren’t stupid. But apparently, their president believes that many of them are – they simply don’t understand the beneficence of the legislation that he is prepared to force upon them, presumably for their own good. As for the rest, it seems he thinks they’re wickedly opposing a bill that would benefit others for nothing more than their own selfish reasons. "

Can a president successfully govern a nation when he apparently believes that a majority of its citizens are either stupid or wicked? …….. the most enthusiastically pro-government president in recent American history has demonstrated once and for all just how corrupt, cynical and inept government can be. “

“But today, cronyism is so flagrant and blatant at the highest ranks of our government … The stunning, “we’ll-stop-at-nothing” fight to take-over the healthcare industry and the medical profession has put Obama-styled cronyism on full display – and therein lays the greatest assault on America. “


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