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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Army of Children

The president was arguing for his healthcare bill, after he had already won the healthcare fight, begging that people needed to get out and promote this thing. He specifically said “children you need to sit down and talk with your parents’ about the healthcare bill". He assumes the children know more about the bill and that they know better than their parents do. He is giving order to his new army.

The children are under attack, a different kind of attack, the kind that you use to see in Soviet Russia and Germany. It is the attack of the indoctrination in our public schools and on TV. We have complained for years that the schools are dumbing down our kids. That is on purpose. The Social Democrats (SD) need kids who are not aware of their history, the men and women who died for freedom. The SD need kids who don’t understand the Constitution, what it means, how we got it and why it is so important.

The TV has taught our kids that parents are stupid. Look at Malcolm in the Middle, the Simpsons and all the other sitcoms. The men are emasculated, weak and stupid. American men are nothing to be proud of. Fathers are to be disrespected. Kids have no problem accepting this idea. That reinforces what they believe anyway. Kids have always thought they were smarter than adults. The Progressives are just playing upon this to manipulate them. Turning them against their parent is easy to do. This is what Germany did before WWII. This is what Stalin and Mao did.

School teaches them about social justice, save the planet, save the poor, save the animals, etc., etc. Obama has a web site where teenagers can sign up for a summer camp type training on how to be a community organizer, (organizers for socialism of course). This is creating a large young army of ideologues who believe in and will support the socialist agenda. They will learn that for the greater good of the country they must bring change to the United States. Change for equality of outcome and economic fairness for all, social justice. They will help to root out the opposition, all those who stand in the way of the great new society of fairness and justice for all. Your children and your grandchildren will be your enemy. This is history repeating itself unless you are willing to fight for freedom once again. We have to stop this socialist train before it gathers anymore steam. It will take sacrifice, sweat and tears but we can save our country.


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