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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let me share with you a portion of an email from a long-time member of the House of Representatives. Here's a look at process ... and you're not going to like what you see:
It is official: the President and the Speaker have decided to ram a health care bill through the Congress this week. The first step for this newly introduced 2,300 page bill is for it to be rushed through the Budget Committee this afternoon. As you saw if you clicked on the link to the bill, the legislation is moving so fast that it hasn't even been assigned a bill number yet.
While you can read this new bill here, it won't be worth your time. Why? Because these 2,300 pages aren't even the 2,300 pages that the President and Speaker Pelosi want us to vote on. That's right: the pages that they want us to vote on haven't even been completed yet. The bill that the Budget Committee is working on is simply a placeholder because the Speaker is still working out new language. The plan, we're told, is that Budget Committee will finish its work today to move the process along and then tomorrow--likely deep into the night--the Rules Committee will take up the bill. The Rules Committee will completely erase the 2,300 pages approved by the Budget Committee and insert thousands of entirely new pages into the bill. Don't worry, though: the Speaker has promised us at least 1 hour to read those several thousand new pages before the Rules Committee votes. No, I'm not laughing either.
Obviously, this is not the way that any bill should be considered in Congress, butt his is definitely not the way to handle something as important as health care reform and something so enormous that it accounts for almost 20% of our entire economy.
Our founding fathers set up our government so it would work slowly. Everything was to open and above board. On any issue there was to be open debate and time to ponder each component of a bill. The public could be aware of what was being discussed and have input to their representatives. If anything was done it was not to be hidden or slipped by quickly.

Why would you want to veer away from this slow methodical open and deliberate process of our republican system? There is only one reason; you have something very big you want to hide. Why would a bill affecting 16% of our economy, altering much of our way of life, only is given one hour to read and then without allowing discussion, debate or alternatives have to be voted on? There is a lot in this bill the President and the Democrats do not want you to see. Why? When a group of people who hate capitalism, love Marxist, love big government want to pass secret legislation it has to be a huge takeover of power hidden in it. This is how Hugo Chavez came to power. This is how he has become the almost absolute dictator of his country. Is this why the President said he will only serve one term? Perhaps he, like Hugo, is planning the redefine the term to be "as long as he wants"

Our current course of deficits, debts and ever growing government will take us to the brink of destruction. Does the President and his party think they have the superman ability to pull us back from the brink and create a shiny new socialist system without harming a lot of people. Stalin couldn't do it. Mao couldn't do it. Castro couldn't do it. Many in the USA will be harmed, even die in order for them to fulfill their Marxist dream. It all hinges on how congress will vote on this health care behind the curtain bill. If the bill passes it will be the beginning of the end of a free United States of America. If this bill passes unemployment will increase greatly. The cost of health care will go up. Doctors will quit. Businesses will fail.

If you think it will stop here just wait. They have plenty more bills to be passed quickly to prevent other great crises they have yet to discover. We are heading towards anarchy. This is what they will get.


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