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Friday, March 26, 2010

No, I'm not a Racist

Some would say I’m a racist because I am against Obama. I am against what is in Obama head not the color of his skin. In fact Obama is not the real problem. He is simply the front man. The people behind him are the real problem. He is like the barker at the circus, out front on stage calling to the people getting them to come inside and see the show. It’s the people on the inside who are running things, the people controlling the show, pulling the strings and doing the magic. It would be nice to see who is really hiding behind that tent. Is it George Soros who occasionally visits the White House? Is it the union leaders that visit frequently?

George is a guy who used capitalism to gain billions of dollars. He didn’t use it like we do, he gamed the system. He used every crooked deal in the book to gain an advantage over others and made a killing. Now that he has got his, he wants to can the rest and sit on it. He is a big proponent of socialism. He has given millions of dollars to socialist/progressive groups like, democratic candidates and others. He openly wants to destroy the American way of doing things. So why is he so welcome at the White House? Why does he even have a say in our politics? Why do we allow him to spend money on our political process? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m against socialism. I’m against socialism in America. I’m against progressivism and liberalism that attempts to do the same thing but slowly. I’m against anyone who wants to destroy America, our free system and our liberty. I’m against the guy hiding behind the curtain. If Obama lines up on that side of the playing field then I’m against Obama.

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