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Friday, March 26, 2010

Conservative Violence

Glenn Beck pointed out the other day that the radicals who were rioting, burning American flags, bombing police stations and Army bases in the 1960 are now the ones running the government. America saw them as radical, crazies, dope smoking, mindless zombies led by other radicals. They were marginalized. They didn’t really have a voice at the table with the respectable people.

Now the table has turned. The radicals are the ones running the government. We are the ones doing the demonstartions. The Social Democrats and the media want to do the same thing to us that was done to them in the 60's. That is why they are jumping on any signs of violence or unusual behavior as being typical of the Tea Party members. They want to marginalize us, make people believe that we are not rational; we are a bunch of racist, hate filled crazies who don’t deserve a voice at the table.

Social Democrats, Progressives, Alinsky-ites, Marxist and Fascist always have to have a bad guy to blame. Hitler blamed the Jews. Stalin blamed the capitalist as does Chavez, Castro and so on. There is always a bad guy or a straw man to point out into space and blame. The Tea Party people give them someone to point to. They point out how we hate blacks and Hispanics, Every word is measured and if it is out of line in any way they make an issue of it. Anything that happens anywhere negatively is the result of our attitudes and hate speech. People who love freedom, God and country are the enemy of their great society. We must be demeaned and pushed back and shut upped. Christians are their enemy. America’s religious fervor is their enemy.

The Democrats are demanding the Republicans denounce the violence and threats or step down. Wow is this a reverse end around. Republicans have been getting threats for months but nothing was made of it by the media, but now it different. Now they can use it for their propaganda. Now they can use it to make a public spectacle. So they shout it from the rooftops. To get what they want they are out to destroy everyone they can.

For the media this is a good way to distract the unwitting public about the reality that is happening to their country. Point to the bad guys on the street while in the shuttered offices and behind closed doors are radically changing our country from a free democratic republic to socialist controlled state.

People be wary. Any mistake you make will be amplified, displayed and You-Tubed. They have been planning this for 40 years. Now they are in charge. They are going to finish their plan, but only if we let them. Strike back but in the appropriate way, phone, email and voting.

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