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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

About the healthcare plan

• Adding 30 million people to insurance plans who don’t pay for insurance will increase your premium about $90/month right off the bat.

• Government price controls will force a number of doctors out of business because they cannot charge enough to cover their cost. Doctor shortages will add to the cost of individuals insurance.

• Government price controls will force a number of hospitals to close causing longer waits, increasing cost.

• Doctors who do not want to be under government control will leave their practice for other opportunities. Surveys show that a minimum of 30% of the medical profession will leave medicine. Results: doctor shortages (like Canada and England) and longer waits.

• Projected revenue sources in the bill are unrealistic. A proposed 500 billion dollar cut in Medicare will not happen or seniors will have to do without. The 250 billion dollar Doc fix elimination will not happen. Results: Your premium increases about $250/month to cover seniors and disabled persons or we let them die.

• Part of the income revenue planned is to put a tax on all medical devices. Anyone using any medical equipment to improve their quality of life will have to pay more for that equipment and replacement costs. Which also drive up the overall cost of insurance paying for these devices? Either costs will go up or people will make do without them. It's cheaper to suffer sometimes. If the latter then revenues will not meet expectations. Taxes will increase to cover losses. (just like California, they keep raising taxes until there is nothing left to collect from and now they are broke)

• The added requirements to what businesses provide will drive up their cost considerable. One large national company said the requirements will use up half their profits. The reason to stay in business is to make a reasonable profit. The effect will be more unemployed as businesses have to cut cost to stay in business as a result of this healthcare plan.

• Businesses will figure out that paying the penalty for not providing employees with insurance is cheaper than providing it with all the added cost. They will tell you to go to the government plan. (Exactly what the socialist want). The cost of the government plan will be higher. Ask Massachusset. Their cost has risen dramatically. They pay the highest premiums in the country. They are having to reduce their coverage (rationing) and wating list are starting to happen.  They only survive because the federal government keeps them propped up. Who is going to prop up the federal government? California?

• Insurance companies currently make about a 4% profit. Compare this to most major corporations who make between 10% and 20% profit. Price controls and government mandates will drive them out of business leaving the government option as the only choice for individuals.

• Insurance companies will start adjusting their prices to account for changes in the law before the cost actually start hitting the door. Your premium will go up as soon as they compute their expected cost.

• All the taxes and cost start happening right away. The implementation of the actual coverage (benefits) will not start until 2014. You will be paying for four years before you ever see one penny of benefit.

• The bill includes in their budget billions of dollars in cost cutting and eliminating fraud and waste. Government has never been able to cut cost, fraud or waste in anything over any period of time. If they could why are they not doing it already? This is actual cost that will be added to your monthly premium sooner or later.

• The bill will add 16,000 IRS agents to enforce it. Who will pay for this cost (2 billion dollars a year)? You will. Every year everyone will have the extra stress of making sure they all their insurance papers in order for the IRS to prevent a medical audit. Fun if you change jobs at the end of the year.

• The bill adds 160 new agencies to oversee, monitor, dictate rules and decide who can get what care for how much money. How do you sort all this out? Who pays for this? Who do you answer to? Which agency has authority over the other?

• They added the student loan program to the bill. There are no more private student loans. The government owns it all. Students will pay several extra percent to the cost of their loan to help cover the medical plan. Instead of a 3% student loan they will now pay 6%. This is what we do to our kids.

• A tax on the wealthy continues to increase for every thing the government wants. Sooner or later they decide to quit making money (don’t invest, no investment money, no jobs) and just sit on what they have or eventually they run out of money. In the long run the little guy will have to pay more for his share or have no money to pay for anything.

• Summary:

o There is no free lunch or in this case healthcare. Everyone who now has insurance will have to pay a lot more under this plan. To start with about $300/month once the dust settles and it will increase after that.

o Liberals Democrats say this plan will cost fewer than one trillion dollars over ten years. Conservative say it is closer to 2.9 trillion dollars. Medicare was projected to be 9 billion over ten years when it was first created in 1965. It was actually $107 billion. No government program has ever come close to its original estimated cost.

o The plan will create shortages which will increase cost.

o Shortages will require rationing like in England. You have to reserve the labor room 10 month in advance to have a baby in a hospital in England. ah-hemm Do the math.

o The plan will eliminate innovation. American innovation is driven in a great deal by the profit motive. All the socialist countries with government run healthcare do not have any medical innovation. It all comes from the USA and other free enterprise countries.

o The government has never passed any bill that hasn’t contained unintended consequences. A bill of over 2700 pages will contain so many unintended consequences that it will be impossible to deal with them. A good bill coming from Congress will be only 3 to 5 pages long.

o Most importantly the plan will bankrupt America. The plan takes (supposedly) $500 billion from Medicare which is already bankrupt ($36 trillion in debt) to fund a new plan. That is illogical. That is trying to borrow money from an overdrawn bank account to pay for debt on a new credit card.

o This healthcare plan is a poison apple. The evil witch shows us a pretty apple. It looks good. It looks appealing. Initially it tastes good. The fruit feels good in your mouth. In the end the poison takes effect and you die.

o Name one country that started out as a socialist country and grew into a prosperous, thriving productive country. There are none. Every socialist country came from a productive country that was taken over and made it into a country that just exists. Unemployment is high in every one. Taxes are high in every one. The rich, the wealthy and the productive people have either quit trying or left. There is no incentive.

o The people running our government want us to be socialist like much of Europe. To be like Europe? They cannot defend themselves. They cannot afford a decent military. They all depend on the United States. Their economies are not growing, just existing. Four European socialist countries are failing, bordering on bankruptcy. Unemployment in Europe is running around 15% to 20%. Why do we want to be like that?

o Real Americans who know their history, patriotic Americans are not socialist and don’t want to be socialist. Socialism is a form of slavery. The government is the master. You do what they tell you to do or else they don’t give you what you need.

• Conservatives are planning stop this bill from being implemented and replace it with common sense legislation that will actually lower cost and still leave people free to make their own choices. There are good ideas in the bill which would work but without the socialism price tag that goes with it.


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