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Friday, March 26, 2010

The fix

With the noise about "repeal the bill", not funding the health provisions and nullifying as much of the bill as possible until we get a conservative president in office, we still need to look at the bigger picture. How did we get here? How do we fix it and what can we do to prevent it from happening again?

We just crossed over the line into major socialism. The healthcare bill made most of the structural changes the progressives (Social Democrats) needed to create a completely government dependent population whether we wanted it or not. Soon to follow will be bills on banking control, big business control, immigration deform and taxes, taxes and more taxes. Their plan is to redistribute the wealth, punish the rich and make economic slaves out of all of us. This will move us towards a beautiful one world utopia where we all live happily ever after (choke, cough).

It’s a beautiful dream but that is all that it is, a dream that will destroy not just capitalism but the country and a people. We got to this horrible place by slow incremental changes in our government, our laws and our courts over the last 100 years. To fix it like it happened, take 100 years to undo the progressive destructive work, is not acceptable. We need to fix the problems and fix it in such a way so it cannot happen again. This requires going back to the Constitution, our foundation, and correct the changes that allowed this happen and look at the loopholes that open the door to these changes. I have said repeatedly there were a few definitions that are needed and some amendments that should be repealed.

The 14th amendment is one place where we got off base. Where the states had all the authority that was not specifically stated in the Constitution the 14th amendment boomeranged all the federal limitations back onto the states and gave the federal government certain powers over the states to prevent further insurrection and secession after the civil war. This should be studied so the federal government cannot use this amendment to exercise authority over the states and expand it largeness without limitations.

Decide on a flat tax or repeal the 16th amendment. A flat tax might simplify the IRS but will still require reporting personal information to the government. Honest people will comply but the criminal element and dishonest citizen will still be a problem. Honest citizens will still get caught and punished while the dishonest can still avoid it. The flat tax if accepted should be implemented with limitations so it cannot easily be changed without the consent of the people. The flat tax should apply to 100% of the people.

Currently the progressive tax we have is being paid by a few people and enjoyed by many. It is impossible for the people paying the brunt of taxes right now to have an equal voice in the argument about taxes. The people not paying taxes, but receiving benefits, out number the ones who are paying taxes. This inequality should be eliminated by congress or the courts. I would like the courts to say that the Tax Code is an unfair and unequal application of the law.

A sales tax to generate revenues would be more in line with the original intentions of our founders. They were aware of the dangers of a direct tax on the people. A sales tax eliminates the IRS and the need to report your personal data to the government. A sales tax will get collected no matter where the money came from, honestly or otherwise. Everyone would pay the tax whenever they purchased anything retail.

The long term fix is also the quick fix. We need a constitutional convention called with a limited agenda just to fix these specific problems. When the constitutional changes are made then there would be a short period of time to review all current laws and budget expenditures and those that fail the test would be eliminated. Every area and agency where the federal government has grown outside the boundaries of the revised Constitution would be shut down, cut off, caputt.

A new amendment should be added. No elected or appointed representative of the United States shall be exempted from the application of any law passed by Congress (they should not be able to exempt themselves, even the president) . Nor shall any employee or class of employees of the United States be exempted unless agreed upon by two third of vote in both houses. In such case the person(s) shall be named and the limitation shall expire after a maximum of seven years. (Nobody should have special treatment).

And another amendment: The employee amendment. The average salaries and benefits of employees of the United States government shall not exceed the nominal average benefits of the working private sector. All conditions of employment and termination for any employee the United States government shall be the same conditions as employees working in the private sector. The above conditions and benefits shall be determined every three years by a panel represented equally by private employees, private management, public employees and public management.

The general idea is to fix the Constitution so Social Progressives, Marxists, communists or socialists can never gain control of our government again. We want to reset the system and bar the door. No more government takeovers allowed.


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