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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have You Ever Been Employed by a Poor Person?

How many of you have ever worked for a poor person? None? Why Not? Liberals rage against the wealthy. They want to take their money and redistribute so it will be "fair" for everyone. “The rich get richer” they say. “They have plenty so they should share”.

Currently the top 1% of income earners pays 40% of the government revenues. The bottom 47% of income earners pays 0% of the government revenues. Is that fair? If the rich get richer then they also pay more and more.

Back to the first question: Your employer may not be wealthy but he cannot be poor. Poor people don't create jobs. Poor people don't invest. Your boss's purpose is to make money but he cannot do it without investing, taking risk and creating jobs for others. The more money he has then more is re-invested back into his company. If he gets rich it is because his business grew and along with it jobs increased. More people benefit if the guy you work for gets richer. If he doesn't get richer and re-invest, if the company doesn't grow he will not make more money and there will be fewer jobs.

If you work at a corporation the investors want to make money but in order to do that they must invest in a profit making, jobs creating business. To make more money manufacturing or services have to increase. The bigger the company the more there is to be made and there are more jobs to go along with it. The investor will not make money unless the business grows, sales increase and the number of jobs increase. If the rich get richer they can only do it by increasing their investments thereby creating more jobs. The rich don’t get rich sitting on their hands stuffing their money in coffee cans. As the rich get richer more and more people are working. 

When more people are working they are spending their money, buying more of the goods and services that make your boss richer so he can grow and create more jobs. That is called capitalism. We all benefit.

The socialist don’t like rich people. They want to spread the wealth around. ‘Tax the rich, tax the rich’ is the mantra. The rich are evil. They say the rich are getting wealthy off the backs of the poor. So you take the money from that horrible rich man who was investing and creating all those jobs. Duh! Now you have no job and you’re mad at the rich guy. Well ‘he should pay more’ you say. He should give and you should take. You take more of his investment money then he can’t create jobs. Sooner or later either he is going to run out of money for you to take or he will just grow tired of you taking it and he will start putting what money he has left in that coffee can to save for himself. Then there will be no more jobs for anyone.

Then you are out of work. Everybody is poor. Now you are all equal. Equally poor. Just what you wanted, right?

Capitalism is the equal opportunity to make everyone unequally happy.

Socialism will simple make everyone equally miserable.


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