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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What the heck is going on?

Seeing that the President has no real experience running a business and the sum total of his cronies uh administration registers 8 percent as having any business experience there is not a lot of practical counseling going on at the White House. The current budget, words and actions shown by the president reflect several possibilities:

1. He really doesn’t know what the heck he is doing. He doesn’t know what it means to have a payroll and create the income required to pay for salaries, expenses, insurance and inventory. He doesn’t know how negative the impact is on business when you plan to raise taxes every time you give a speech and flip flop all over the place on different regulations. Business needs a stable unobtrusive government in order to plan for the future and create a growth strategy. This administration and Democratic congress have done everything possible to undermine economy growth in this country. To top it off every time he speaks he accuses some portion of the economy as being bad and evil and somehow should be punished (more taxes or regulations). This is not how you create the positive atmosphere needed to overcome a recession.

2. Another direction he could be coming from is that he and his inexperienced administration are so consumed with their progressive ideology that they cannot see the reality of what they are doing. They may truly believe that what they are doing is right. They are so entrenched into the ‘tax and spend’ Keynesian theory that he cannot see the looming destruction that waits at the end of this path we are on. Common sense tells you that if you spend ten times more than you make every year then eventually the bill will come due and you will have to pay it back. If the economy was growing faster than the debt then that would be okay, but the debt is growing faster than we could pay back in a really good economy and we are in a very bad economy right now. This debt will destroy America and all the freedom we once had with it.

3. The worst case scenario is he hates this capitalist America so much that he is willing to completely destroy it in order to create a new socialist America in the image of the fantasy world created by Carl Marx, Saul Alinsky and others, a world where America is just another country run by a one world government council. The decisions having been made thus far in his administration are some of the most destructive decisions that could be made in any economy. What we see so far with increasing taxes, threat of more taxes, changing regulations, more regulations and more big government in the planning, is the greatest impediment to economic growth, stability and jobs creation we could have. If I had wanted to destroy America on purpose I would do exactly what the President is currently doing.


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