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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running with the Herd Part IV

VH-1 on Virginity: Cynicism and Censorship, By L. Brent Bozell III, Friday, January 22, 2010

(An Excerpt:) VH1 planned a news special called “The New Virginity,” an abstinence backer might have felt optimistic that teenagers and young adults were going to get a refreshing jolt of publicity about the option of premarital celibacy. That is, unless you looked at the network’s promotional fine print.
Words have meanings. So when VH1 promised to explore the “roots of our current obsession with chastity” as it’s advocated by popular teenage celebrities, you knew the fix was in. They suggest these stars just cannot be sincere. Instead, playing to “virgin mania” is just a marketing scheme: “Virginity doesn’t stop celebs from looking and acting provocatively – playing both sides with impressive marketing results.”...................................................
VH1’s designated experts on virginity included Jessica Valenti, the feminist author of a book called “The Purity Myth,” which neatly matched the channel’s assumption that purity can’t possibly be reality. Biology is destiny. Lust always wins. “There’s now an iPhone application that’s a purity ring that you can have on your phone to show that you’re a virgin. I guess it’s actually kind of useful because once you lose your virginity—like most kids who take virginity pledges do—you can just trash it.”
Why wouldn’t VH1 match the cynicism of Valenti with an author who has sincerely championed chastity? Take Dawn Eden, the author of “The Thrill of the Chaste.” She would make a wonderful spokeswoman for – and defender of – chastity.
Here the surprise: they did interview Eden last fall in New York. Here’s the end of the surprise: they left her on the cutting room floor. She was informed with the usual cliches from producers that “the big guys above us” took the show “in a different direction,” as they say. Translation: You were too good.
“I’m not surprised. This also happened the last time I did an interview for this type of program,” she told my colleague Tim Graham. “It was clear that they were looking for a caricature of an ultra-right-wing Evangelical, not a three-dimensional woman who had discovered a happier lifestyle choice.”

To repeat my premise, Marxist, Progressives, socialist and Communist require the teaching of evolution because it is foundational to their belief system. First, if we evolved then we are all just a higher form of animal. Second, some evolved greater than other thus they (the elite) should be the master of the herd, the ruling class. All of their Marxist beliefs hangs on this foundation. This is the godless worldview that they try to impose (by force if necessary or by deception and outright lies) upon the rest of us. In a practical sense we can say that Marxism and Progressivism is a religion and evolution is a basic tenet of that religion.

What do I see in the excerpt above by Brent Bozell? I see that the concept that we are just animals affects everything we see on TV, movies and radio. The statement "Biology is everything. Lust always wins" is a reflection of 'we are animals' belief. whereas if we believed we are created in the image of God, that we are valuable to God and therefore we should treat our bodies not as animals but as special creations deserving purity and wholeness.

I wanted to point this out to show that by forcing the schools to allow only evolution in our schools, our children are being taught that we are animals, the sexual feeling you have are normal (in animals) therefore it is a natural thing to do, have sex.

Everything, TV, movies, the news we watch at night is mostly predicated on the "fact" that we evolved and we are animals. Watch your commentaries like 60 minutes, 20/20, dateline, etc. and you see how evolution influences their stories. Any viewpoint contrary to that is marginalized. Like all Christians are ultra right wing zealots without any intelligence. Conservatives are stupid (Actually I believe it is the other was around). People who show up to protest taxes and national debt are teabaggers. You get the picture.

If you thought it was just a cultural debate about evolutionary theory, it was not. It was a battle ground to build the foundation for a one world government, a humanist, animalistic world. We lost that battle and we are continuing to lose. We must begin to fight back like never before.

The enemy in this battle likes to do things with a simple method. Attack with a big wave like Outcome Based Education or the government takeover of healthcare (1994 and 2009). We fight back and they look defeated. Then the incremental creeping begins. They win in little bits and pieces over here then a little piece over there, but we have quit fighting. We won a battle and now we sit down to rest. We fight the big wave and then quit while they are winning the war. We must continue to fight unto the end.

Like my favorite football team, Alabama. All year they were taught to play to the end. Play all 60 minutes and never let up. Never assume it is over until the game clock is at zero. Then in the national championship, the game of all the games they should not have let down. Instead they believe they had it won halfway through the game. They relaxed and Texas started coming back even with an inexperienced quarterback. Except for a few great defensive plays Alabama might have lost the game because they quit too soon.

The great lesson in this is never, never, quit. Be vigilant and never assume the Marxist, Progressives, Socialist or Communist have quit. They never quit. Like the devil never quits, he just attacks in a different ways, the enemy will never quit. To keep our great country we need to be vocal, loud, vigilant and determined everyday.

Every issue in the public place is like a play in football. Either the godless worldview wins at the line of scrimmage or the Godly worldview wins. There is no middle ground in football. There is no middle ground in this. You're a player in this game and you're 100% for one team or the other. If you think you are not playing then you lose and the godless viewpoint wins. The game will be played out. There will be a winner and a loser. No place for anyone in the middle.

Jesus said to the people who tried to play the lukewarm moderates in the church that he would spew them out of his mouth. There is no place for middle grounder's in heaven or on earth.

Your choice today is: Fight with those who have a Godly worldview or you can run with the Herd. Whatever you do you will make a choice as soon as you finish this article.


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