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Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

Bill Maher (2/20/10 on Larry King live).

“Democrats never understand that Americans don’t really care what position you take,” Maher told King. “Just stick with one. Just be strong. They’re (Americans) not bright enough to really understand the issues. But like an animal, they can sort of sense strength or weakness. They can smell it on you.”

This is the mindset of the “Elitist”, the “Progressive” or as they believe “the more highly evolved ones”. They think you are stupid simply because they are superior. They believe they know it all. They believe because of their superior thinking abilities they have all the answers to every problem. Because they are so extremely intelligent that if you disagree with them you must be stupid. That just associating with conservatives or Christians means you are stupid.

The president recently asked if the Republicans had any good ideas on health care to present them. When they did present them, as they have several times already, he immediately rejected them. Why, because in his mind they came from conservatives and therefore the ideas are stupid. His belief is his ideas are the only good ideas. He will listen for a while and then in essence say “sit down, shut up and get out of my way stupid”.

My experience is that if a person thinks he knows everything then he has basically reach the limit of his ability to learn and grow. Such a person is living a sheltered life in a limited human environment. The problems and solutions that they see are usually fantasies dwelling within their own minds. Their minds have lacked the stimuli that develop logical thinking, reasoning and common sense. A person of limited logical abilities will think there is only one answer, one way to solve a problem. A person of limited logical abilities will think they are the only smart person in their world and everyone else is stupid. They lack comprehension of the big picture.

The reality is that conservatives and Christians have drawn upon the true reality of the world. The founders of America saw it and stated that we are created by God and that we have been given certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The godless elite wish to institute plans that history has proven to bring bondage, death and anything but happiness. The godless leaders lack wisdom and understanding. Their solutions are all based on selfish desire for power and control over others.

True wisdom comes from God. All knowledge is contained in Him and through Him all problems can be solved. Through the ages God has proven to supply a variety of solutions to those who seek Him. In this great America men have created solutions that the rest of the world emulates. Solutions, scientific advances, inventions and creations, America has led the way because of the freedom God has given to man. God takes care of his people. Real stupidity is rejecting God.

A person who seeks God also realizes he is responsible for himself. God has charged him with the decision to choose eternal life or eternal death, to choose between sin or godliness. He is told he will reap what he sows and if he doesn’t work he doesn’t eat. God’s right and wrong is laid out clearly before him. There is no confusion. If you work hard you will be rewarded and you are to share that reward with others in need. America needs a people who are responsible and will take action when necessary.

The godless’ plan is government is responsible for you and will make the decisions for you and provide for your needs. If you work hard your reward will be shared by those who choose not to work so hard. If you excel in your endeavors you will punished. If you disagree you will be ridiculed and marginalized. Right and wrong is a vague concept. It is what government decides it will be. It may change tomorrow.

The godless want you to be stupid. You will be easier to lead if you are. God wants you to be all you can be. He created you to be that way.


Today is Washington’s Birthday.

God does love America. In war God provided supernatural protection and solutions to many of those who sought Him starting with good ole George.

God provided supernatural protection to Washington in battle. Several time bullets passed through his coats but missed him. There was the mysterious fog that covered his retreat once and of course the impossible task of crossing the Delaware when the British believed they were completely safe from attack.


I just finish reading a brief history of America in the Philippines. In the Spanish American War there was a little known battle of the Philippines. The American Asian fleet consisted of a just a few ships. Led by Admiral Dewy they left Hong Kong expecting to be re-supplied with powder and ammunition on the way but as it was they only receive one third of the munitions they would normally carry. Long story made short they were very careful to maximize what they had so they took time and were extremely accurate with their shots. After several days of battle with a Spanish fleet seven times their size the Americans had run out of ammunition. With their ammunition bins empty they waited out the night expecting another attack from the Spanish which they would certainly lose. But as dawn came the sunlight revealed white flags on the Spanish ships. Fearing the accuracy of the Americans cannon fire they did not want to fight another day. The Spanish lost over 700 hundred men. The Americans lost 30. God’s protection, God’s provisions or coincidence, it happened all the time for America.

Another lesson in this story is your apparent lack is what God will use to bring victory. If the Americans had a full provision of munitions they may have just duked it out and fired as fast as they could just like the Spanish. But because of their lack they used what they had more efficiently. This gave the Americans the appearance that they were a much better shot and was more devastating to fight against. To God your lack is His advantage.


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