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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You don’t believe in God? (or What really happened to Evolution on the way to reality?)

Originally written in May 2002, updated Feb, 2010 You don’t believe in God?

To not believe in God means you have to believe that a large number of random events happened in the right place at the right time in the right way in order for you to be sitting at a computer reading this document. I will list a few items for you to think about. Let me start with the Earth itself.

A number of things had to happen in order for there to be life on earth.

• The earth has to be an exact distance from the sun. If we were any closer or further by just a few miles, we can see by the change in seasons that we would be too cold or too hot for this planet to sustain life.

• The earth spins on an axis that is tilted just right. Any more or less and the delicate balance between seasons would throw much of this planet into vast cold or hot areas that could not sustain life.

• The amount of land versus water is just right. A little less water and we would have mostly dry arid desert land areas. A little more water and we would be under an atmosphere of clouds making life difficult to sustain.

• The rotation of the earth is just right. If it went faster or slower the different time of exposure to the sun would change the temperatures enough so the planet could not be able to sustain life. This also affects our gravity pull. Could we survive in a different gravity?

• Our rotation around the Sun is perfect. Any change in the orbit around the Sun would greatly affect our temperatures and our ability to sustain life.

• Something very important: The temperature of the sun. We take for granted that our sun has a constant temperature. Many stars fluctuate in temperature. Even with the solar flares our sun remains a fairly constant temperature. Being that the sun is hundreds of thousands degrees hot, imagine if it fluctuated by a few percent? The temperature variations on earth would be unbearable. All the factors are perfectly in place and with a stable sun to keep the temperature just right. It is like baking a cake. There had to be a chef.

• When we look at how the weather patterns are, we can see the delicate balance needed to sustain life. El Nino raises the temperature in the Pacific just a few degrees. This warming causes drastic changes in the weather patterns. My area of Southeast America is in a four-year drought pattern just because of a few degrees change in water temperature that happened several years ago. Another area gets heavier than normal rain and flooding.

• The global warming scare. Whether it is real or not the fact remains that scientist are afraid that if we raise the temperature of the earth by just a few degrees we could destroy all life on earth. Ruin the planet they say. How did we get such an exact perfect temperature, by random chance?

• The Earth had to have the right balance of chemical, minerals and water for things to grow. Man creates carbon dioxide and needs oxygen. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Man needs fruits, nuts and berries to survive. Plants need natural chemical to grow and produce fruits, nuts and berries. Scientists worry that the cutting of trees in the Amazon forest will upset the delicate balance between animals and plants. How did we get that delicate balance to start with? How did random chance know that man would need the plants and they would need man? It looks like it was planned doesn't it.

• Then there is the Ozone layer. I love this one.

Life on earth cannot exist without the ozone layer. The ozone layer is that protective covering around the earth that if compressed would be a few millimeter thick. Without it the suns radiation (UV-A-B & C rays) would burn every living thing up. The ozone layer is created when sunlight interacts with oxygen (O2). You would need a sufficient amount of oxygen to create the initial ozone layer to protect the entire planet. If you look through most textbooks they will not tell you how the ozone layer was first created. They assume that it was just there (by random chance?).

Oxygen basically comes from plants which take in carbon dioxide. If the carbon dioxide in the air increases plants love it and grow in greater abundance putting off more oxygen. The ozone layer needs plants to create oxygen and plants need the ozone layer to keep from being burnt up. So how did we get the large amount of oxygen to create the ozone layer to protect the planet thousands or millions of years before the first plant ever evolved? Which came first, the plant or the ozone layer? Are there rocks that can generate large amounts of oxygen? No. Did aliens drop oxygen generators off and pick them up after plants developed? Don’t think so. We had to have plants to have the oxygen to have the ozone layer to have the plants. How could this happen?

How did the ozone layer know that it had to be there? How did that little thin layer decide to be where it is? Why did it know we couldn't live if it wasn't there? Did we just happen to have an ozone layer and the right amount of oxygen from nowhere to support life that wasn’t been created yet, life whose creation is statistically and scientifically impossible? So was all this really an accident? Maybe they both happened at the same time. It’s called creation.

These are just a few of the factors that are needed for life on earth to exist. We haven’t even gotten to life itself. But we can see there are so many factors that have to be perfectly in order and any imbalance would leave this planet lifeless. So how did we get that perfect order? If you looked at a jigsaw puzzle laid out on a table, put together perfectly, you couldn’t say that it came together by random chance. You know someone had to put that puzzle together. If I said someone opened the box, threw all the pieces in the air and the pieces landed together, in exact order, perfectly assembled on the table you would call me a liar for sure. But people who don’t believe in God easily say all the pieces for life just fell out of space, landed perfectly assembled and it happened by random chance. Random chance? Ask a scientist how all these things came together so perfectly and you get all kind of theories. But in our schools evolution is represented as fact and they say creationism is a religious fairy tale. I think maybe the science of evolution is the religious fairy tale.

Moving on let’s consider the second law of thermodynamics: The law of Entropy. This law states "Energy spontaneously tends to flow only from being concentrated in one place to becoming diffused and spread out." Simply stated, “Everything decays”. Everything goes from a higher state to a lower state. Things rot. Things deteriorate. Just walk into a vacant house that has been sitting for years. It changed from the day the last family moved out. Is it in better condition or worst? Worst of course. It decayed. The paint pealed. The pipes rusted. There is wood rotting. Why? Entropy. Set a brand new car in storage. Leave it there for twenty years or so. When you come back will it still look like a brand new car? Now I do know it went out of style but that is not what I’m talking about. It sat there and rusted, and rotted, and faded, the foam in the seats stinks and the engine won’t turn over. What happened? Entropy again. Everything Decays. Every time an object changes from one state to another, energy is given off and the resulting material is less than it was to start with. Evolution says the objects became more not less. Evolutionist would rather have faith in a process that goes against the laws of physics than to admit there is a God. It is not a question of whether evolution is right or not, but it is a group of men looking for any answer except believing in a God.

Evolution says we evolved upward, going against the laws of nature, “Entropy”; somehow we fought the other way from a simple, single cell, into a highly complex, well organized, highly coordinated life form called man. Somehow, someway, some strange still unexplained series of events, continued over billions of years (it was millions of years when I was a kid in the 50’s but they keep revising the fact to fit their theory) causing cells to grow upward into higher and higher life forms until we have all these different kinds of animals, plants and people. Well I have an explanation. It wasn’t a series of events it was a single event. It didn’t happen over billions of years. It happened in seven days. It is called Creation. You look at the entire world. Not only do the things mentioned above indicate that there had to be a Creator, but the design in all the plants, the animals and man himself says there has to be a designer. Take a leaf and look at it. It has a pattern. All the trees have their own pattern. I can tell what kind of tree the leaf came from by its pattern. So who designed the pattern?

Have you ever noticed that every few years scientist and archaeologist seem to make a new discover and each time the discovery causes them to “rethink” their theories of evolution.

• They discovered a man’s fossils in China in the 90’s that pointed to two different root chains of evolution for the African and Asia man. Two totally different evolutionary processes created two different men who were the same internally and externally except for the skin color and eyes. Two different processes of evolution created men with identical designs. Amazing!

• Last year they made more discoveries that they said meant the evolution process started a billion years sooner than they thought. Still revising the “Facts”.

• The whole process of evolution is based on theories and then more theories are created to fill in the gaps in the theories. Every time new evidence is found they have to create and adapt new theories to fit the evidence. In truth none of the theories line up with the facts. They are like myths of old. They start with a physical reality (like a fossil) and then the imagination takes over. That is what the science of evolution really is. Myths and creative imaginations that are believed by men of science.

Now for the really good part: Man. Have you ever looked at your body? Have you looked at it and wondered at how marvelous it is? Think of all the different parts that work so well together. The body is full of so many systems and they all works together, better than any machine or device that man has made.

The nervous system. A tangle of fragile wires that run throughout the body sending precise messages back and forth to the brain. Man has yet to make a system that works that well. The brain: Man has not made a computer yet that can accomplish all the functions of the brain. Just to mimic the memory capacity of the brain you would need a room full of computers and disk drives to store all the data. The interface between the brain and the nervous system. All those signals are converted to meaningful messages from the body and the brain responds by sending messages that are converted back to signals that the body understands and responds to. AT&T can only be jealous. They have to build great big buildings full of equipment to do the same thing. The digestive system and internal organs. They all work together like a complex power processing plant that man has yet to duplicate. Know anyone with diabetes? I do. Me. A few little beta cells lining the pancreas produce insulin. If they quit working right, from that point on you are dying a slow death. Without those little cells doing their job the sugar (glucose) in your blood begins to destroy all the other organs in the body. Slowly one by one they began to fail. The heart, kidneys, eyes, circulation system, all are destroyed. The greatest doctors in the world working with the best equipment and the accumulated knowledge of the most intelligent minds in the world are just starting to get an inkling of how the beta cells work. Why is it so hard? Aren’t beta cells just one of those simple events that created itself by random chance?

The heart. It a fabulous machine that works night and day. It responds to the needs of the body and instantly reacts to the situation. Man is just beginning to build a machine to substitute the heart, but their best work is still only good for a short period of time. Random chance? Is it better than all the heart doctors in the world are?

The lungs. You can’t do without breathing. Taking in all that oxygen that is created by the delicate balance of nature. A balance that happens by random chance? When the lungs aren’t working you know it in an instant. Ask someone with cystic fibrosis, or black lung disease, or asthma. All machines need fuel and all machines need oxygen to process the fuel. The lung is another perfect device in a perfectly made machine. A perfect bellows taking in oxygen and blowing out carbon monoxide. Whoops! A bellows only blows air in and out. This one makes a transfer. It draws oxygen in. It passes the oxygen to the blood and receives carbon monoxide from the blood. Then blows the carbon monoxide out. What a device. Wish I had invented that. Invent it? Man can’t even duplicate it. There is an artificial heart. There are artificial legs and arms. But there is no true artificial lung. The process is so complicated that it cannot be duplicated. Man can take your blood out of your body and process it in a very complicated machine imitating the lungs and then put the blood back into your body. Could you imagine all of us hooked up to machines running around trying to our daily business? The reality is that once your lungs are gone that’s it. You die. The design of the lung is so far above man’s abilities and yet some think it happened by random chance.

The blood: the blood is amazing it does so many things. It can carry oxygen and nourishment to individual cells, utilizes insulin to pass the nourishment to the cells, carry away impurities to the kidneys and just as important, clot? If the blood evolved over time like they say things did, then how did blood know it had to clot and prevent the life form it was in from bleeding to death? While the life form was waiting for things to evolve if it got the slightest cut it would die before the blood ever got a chance to evolve. Any life form with blood would have to evolve over a long period of time without ever getting a cut but if it never got cut so it would survive then why did it learn to clot? No, blood had to be predestine in order for it to ever be functional. It had to do everything it needed to do right out of the box. The blood is too complicated for it to have evolved.

The eye. An ophthalmologist and surgeon I once knew wasn’t a Christian but he strongly believed in God. He saw that the eye was such a perfect delicate instrument it had to be created by an intelligent being. The way the eye works means there had to be a God to create it. Nothing that complicated and perfect could happen by random chance. The eye is another device that is so far above man ability that the best he can create is still on sell at Neman Marcus in the camera department. Then there is the muscular system. Again nothing man has made can best the muscular system. It is the greatest mechanical machine ever made. Yes it was made. Man can copy it. He can emulate it but he can never duplicate it.

Another thing that is strangely opposite to the laws of physics, the body can heal itself. The natural order of things says everything decays, degrades, declines, wears out. The body’s ability to heal goes against natural law. If you built a car and that car got crushed by a tree it would simply stay crushed. The only way for the car to be restores is to design a process that will bring it back to its original state. A bolder is struck by lightning and splits in two. The bolder does not heal it self. It is split forever. Life could not evolved if living things could not heal. If this ability had to develop over time then nothing would have survived the harsh cruel world long enough to develop. What type of life form could last for thousands of years without the ability to heal. Doctors can do a lot but they couldn’t do a thing if the body did not have the ability to heal itself. Your body having the ability to heal and restore itself could have only come from some sort of intelligence. There is no logic in the world that could draw the conclusion that the ability to heal could have happened accidentally. The whole human body is so complicated it is beyond the ability of man to fully grasp. He can doctor on it. He can try to patch it up. He can pathetically try to create replacement parts. But he cannot ever restore the human body back to its original condition. Because the original is the most ingenious, most complicated design that man has ever seen. Do you want to believe it was by random chance?

And then there is life itself. As you sit there and look at your body, think about it. Yes it is a wonderful machine. So complicated, all that blood doing its thing. The nerves doing their thing. The digestive system doing its thing and it all working in harmony as a perfectly tune machine. Now ask yourself. Why? Why is it doing all this? Why are you breathing? Why is your blood flowing and your heart beating? Because you have life. And where did life come from? Evolutionary scientist (scientist really?) say life began somehow from a one-cell life form and grew and multiplied into something higher (it overcame the law of entropy again) and grew and grew and grew, got smarter and smarter and now we have all this life running all over the planet (mostly killing one another).

How did that little-bitty cell get life in the first place? As I understand it we need three things to have a living organism at the basic level. An amino acid, chloroplast and a protein. Somehow those three items came together had a meeting and decided to become a single living cell organism. Simple, right? Try this. You believe in random chance? Okay. Take a blob full of amino acid, a measure of chloroplast and a pinch or two of protein. Now shake that around in a jar for a while and then check it every so often to see if there is any life in there. If you can’t find any life then start shaking it again and again until you have some life in that jar. (Now moon shiners can find some life in a jar but that’s a different kind). Now you keep shaking that jar for a few thousand years and maybe, somehow, someway (they think) you might find life in that jar. The problem is the best minds under the best conditions with the best equipment, still can’t get those three little-bitsy parts to come together and make a life. Yet all this is supposed to have happen by random chance. Like I said when I was young they used to say it all happened a few million years ago. Then they revised it to a billion years. Now I think they are saying it’s somewhere around 4.3 billion years ago that life began. You see, they are still figuring that if they shake that jar long enough that sooner or later they are still going to get life out of it. I think they would do better if they talked to the moon shiners. They get a good brew and it doesn’t take as long.

What are the odds of life on earth happening by random chance? How difficult is it to win the Mega Million Jackpot? The odds say you are more likely to be struck by lightning before winning Mega million just one time. How about winning the big Mega Million jackpot several times? Lets say five times. The odds say that it is impossible. It will never happen. Now lets ask what are the odds of you winning the Mega Million jackpot once every week for your entire life or about 3000 times. You would say that is absolutely impossible. It will never happen. Those are the same odds of life happening on earth by random chance. It cannot and did not happen. Do you still believe in random chance?

Here is another thing that doesn't fit logic or common sense. Even if there were the rare remote possibility that life could have come from nothing there is one thing you cannot believe: reproduction. How would a fledgling life form know that it had to reproduce and have the ability to do it? That is like telling a 1 day old child "Well here you are. Now you've got to find food, feed yourself, and by the way you've got to reproduce before you die." That is what is required of a newly created life form. It has to have some intelligence to begin with. It can't just be alive; it has to do something to maintain its existence. Intelligent life can only come from an intelligent source. Even if it is only a one cell life form.

By the way, the chloroplast requires sunlight to process food and the protein cannot exist in sunlight. Gee, another conflict with the facts. I guess the little three part creature that came to life from nothing always moved around "sunny side up".

About 50 years ago a scientist spoke at a UN conference and said that “it is proven that life can only come from other life, but because I cannot believe in a God therefore I must believe in evolution”. Gee, life can only come from life. That is the process that science can prove. That is the real fact of life. Life cannot come from nothing. Life cannot be created from nothing. The only good reason to believe in evolution is because you choose not to believe in God. Ignore the facts. Make up some facts. Do anything but believe in God. Is that true science? That is what I call a figment of your imagination, a fairy tale sprinkled with scientific pixie dust.

Some scientist got together and in a lab, under perfect conditions, after many trials and failures they created something similar to life. This was to be proof that life could happen and justify their belief in evolution. The only problem is: The experiment was created and planned. The equipment was designed and the process was controlled. The end result, whatever it was even if it was life itself, was going to be the results of creation, a designer, an intelligent being but not random chance.

Now if you think life happened on this planet by random chance. That somehow all the pieces came together like blowing up a junkyard and having all the parts fall into a perfectly made Boeing 747, then there is one more thing to consider. All the animals, insects, plants and anything I left out, all live and function by instinct. Yes a lot of animals seem to be able to learn or react to training but still they operate out of instinct. The only creature that doesn’t operate out of instinct is man. Man reasons. Man thinks and makes moral decisions. Man has feelings, and emotions. Animals seem to have feelings and emotions but man takes his feelings and emotions and factors those into his reasoning and decision-making. Man has a mind, a will and emotions. Why? Why is he the only one? And where did it come from? Random chance? Did we luck out or what? Nature drew lots and we were the winners? The bible says, “God breathed into man and he became a living soul”. You have life, you are living, and you have a soul, you have a mind, intelligence, a will and emotions.

Did you see the movie AI? Artificial Intelligence. Men have spent thousands of hours developing computer programs that will have the ability to learn and make decisions. Still the programs that are somewhat successful can only process factual information. They cannot process emotions and feelings. Thousands of hours of intelligent men trying to do the seemingly impossible, mimic the natural abilities of man. Natural abilities that happened by random chance. Yeah right!

You have to answer one question and prove your answer. Can series of random events produce the highly involved and orderly
complexities that we call life?

Now if you have decided in your soul (mind, will and emotions) that you have life, and it all came from a series of events and happenings that by random chance came together at the right time, at the right place, in the right way and out of all of it, there you sit reading this. If after all this and you still can’t believe in a God then your faith must be overwhelmingly greater than mine. I believe it would take so much greater faith for you to believe that all this happened through random chance than it does for me to believe in God.

If you want to truly know the truth. If you want to figure all this out do this; simply ask God to show you that He is real. If you ask with a sincere heart and an open mind He will reveal Himself to you, just you and Him, one on one. Ask and you shall receive.

If you are searching for the meaning to life, why are you here or what is your purpose you will not find it in a science laboratory. All these are spiritual things and they can only be found spiritually in the person of Jesus Christ.


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