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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is God in control?

Over the last six months things were looking pretty bleak. The fascist like takeover of private business had been accepted as normal to most people. The government was about to pass the worst healthcare bill imaginable to bring one sixth of the economy under government control. Cap and trade stood in the wings and the global warming conference was taking place in Copenhagen where our president wanted to sign an agreement that would give away our sovereignty to an international council.

It was looking like I could do nothing to stop this onslaught of godless progressive socialism. So I prayed. I believe that if God could throw the enemies of Israel into confusion and disarray that he could do the same to our run away government.

Then some of the emails of the main global warming scientist were hacked and exposed the rigging of data to skew the facts. The propagandists tried to spin it and say despite the evidence of major tampering, global warming is still a fact.

Then God stepped in. The global warming conference ended in a blizzard (God’s sense of humor). Then God sent another blizzard to Washington (the center of our global warming politicians). It has now received a record total snow fall for one year and it’s been one of the coldest years on record for many southern states. Today another snowfall is on the way.

Afterwards God raised up a modern day Gideon in Massachusetts named Scott Brown and foiled the progressives plan to cram their goals down our throats. Scott Brown's presence has stopped the healthcare bill temporarily. He will stop the cap and trade. He has swung the balance of congress slightly in our direction.

God is raising up people all over the country to run in elections where we thought we would never have a chance but it now looks like we could win. He is raising up a people in the tea partiers who voices are being heard over the drone of the progressive media. All of a sudden the bleak has turned to bright and we feel much better about how things are going, but we cannot relax. We must first keep praying. The spiritual battle will never be over until Jesus returns. We must stay active. Let your voice be heard and the message clear. Most of all we must stay persistent in both.

The enemy depends on us growing weary both spiritually and mentally. The enemy expects us to be weak and not have the courage to fight a long fight. We see the enemy as men who represent the liberal, progressive and Marxist movement who put forth their agenda to silence us and destroy our freedoms. Eliminating them is only temporary. The real enemies are the “prince and principalities of the air” as the Apostle Paul called them. The “spirit” behind the liberals, progressives and Marxist is our real enemy and they must be defeated first then the agenda of men will fail. What appears to be a conspiracy of men is really a spirit that leads men to destruction and tries to take everyone with them.

Yes God is still in control but we have a part to play. Our part is prayer and have faith that God will act and then we must act with him. Jesus fed five thousand but it was a boy who brought the fishes and the disciples who distributed the full baskets. Jesus calmed the sea, an extraordinary miracle, but men were used to row out to where the storm would be. God with men working to change the world.

God raised up a Scott Brown. It was the people that voted. A man exposed the global warming hoax and God then sent the blizzards to confirm the truth. God uses a man to win every battle, perform many miracles but He always does it his way.

The Apostle Paul compared this life to being a race. To run the race you must develop endurance. To win you must pay the price and sacrifice things that will prevent you from winning. You can’t quit halfway. You can’t quit three quarters of the way. You must go all the way and finish the race in order to win.

Our country is in the biggest battle of its short two hundred plus year existence. It is not an external war we are fighting. It is an internal war. It is a spiritual war. If we lose the United States then the entire world is lost with it. We must fight. We must endure. We must pay the price to win. We must win. Most of all, with God’s help and our faith, we will win.


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