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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Running with the Herd Part I

Do you wonder why progressives are so adamant about teaching evolution and only evolution in our schools? The answer is pretty simple. Progressives, socialist, Marxist, communist or whatever you want to call them, have a godless worldview. In their mind we are all animals evolved from a slime pit millions of years ago. In their mind we are the herd and they, the elite, are the Masters of the herd. That is why they believe in equal outcomes for everybody, wealth distribution, etc., because everyone in the herd is the same. The doctor, the plumber and the street sweeper are all the same. This equality is required to keep the herd in line. Everyone must contribute to well being of the herd. If not you are no longer necessary just like any other pack of animals, the old and feeble must die or be eliminated for the betterment of all. Of course the Master of the herd deserve a little more than ordinary members of the herd. They are the exception to the rule.

As Marx teaches, the herd as a whole is more important than the individuals that make up the herd. To be a member of the herd you must be willing to give up your rights to individualism. You must be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the herd.

The foundation of the teaching, that everyone is a herd member, is evolution. If you question evolution you destroy the foundation on which their socialistic utopia is built. Any doubt cast upon their ideas is immoral. You must believe in their ideas. You must buy into the program.

Contrast this with the Christian belief that everyone is created by God and in the image of God. You have been created special. The Christian believes that everyone is unique and can have a personal relationship with God. If you believe you are created by God you will not buy into the idea that you are just an animal and a member of the herd. Christians do not have to force you to believe what they believe. They think that a person confronted with the glory of creation and that every really man needs and wants God that most people will come around to accepted God and His teachings.

Our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence declares us all to be unique individuals, all different but equal, each having equal rights to be what God calls us to be, equal opportunity and freedoms. I can be what I want to be, make what I want to make, own what I want to own. I can do anything I am willing to work for and can fail just as easily as I can succeed.

To a Marxist godly teaching of any kind is treason. To even allow evolution and creationism being taught side by side destroys their purpose. They want to build the herd and to do that there can be no questioning the herd concept, no individualism, and no uniqueness can be allowed. They must leave no room for doubt. A Christian must be silenced, ridiculed and eliminated if necessary.

The present day attack on our first amendment rights, property rights, personal freedoms and more is not just about someone who doesn’t believe in God and is offended. It is motivated by the deep belief of many people that the world can have a godless utopia if only they can get rid of the Christians and other religious people.

The current battle is on like no other time in modern history. The United States is the world’s last stronghold of freedom and independence. There is no other place to fall back to. People who are persecuted all around the world look to come to America to be free. If we fail to be that beacon on the hill, the country of refuge and freedom then we allow the end of the world as we once knew it. Christians and other freedom loving people must gather together and fight this attack on all fronts, first spiritually, then politically and socially.

Spiritually we must first pray and seek God, asking for forgiveness, deliverance and guidance. Christians must aggressively do what God has called them to do, make disciples, win people to Christ and teach them all about Him and His word. We must quit relying on others, pastor, preachers and priest, to do our job. When people are converted from a godless world view to a Christ filled Godly world view then our United States and the world can be revived. It is never too late to start doing what God called us to do.

Politically we must become involved in the selection process prior to elections. The United States was created for a Godly people. Our constitution only works for a godly nation. Therefore we must start selecting godly men and women to be our leaders. We want honest, principled godly leaders with godly convictions and we need to look at the true character of every person seeking an office. From neighborhood associations to the President of the United States we must not be swayed by sound bites, campaign slogans and basically propaganda ads. We must really know the people we elect, who they are and where they are coming from spiritually.

The primary leaders of our government all profess to be Christians but their fruit does not prove them out. They hold to a Marxist worldview and our Christianity does not mix with their Marxism. We have the proverbial wolves in sheep clothing. We cannot take their word and accept them at face value. We must look beyond the fa├žade and see the true person beneath.

Socially we must be willing to tell the truth to whoever will listen, truth about God, Jesus, our leaders and politics. We can not choose to be ignorant any longer. When a Marxist like enemy is out to completely destroy our government, our freedom to speak, the ability to protect ourselves and be individuals, we must become louder than we have ever been before in our country’s history.

Pray - Do - Speak


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