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Monday, December 28, 2009

Religious Right, Moral Majority, GOP and Liberals

One link the GOP still has is the basic dependence on the Religious Right or formally the Moral Majority. The Moral Majority moniker was use to describe what was in the late eighties and early nineties the large majority of people in the United States who basically were hard working, responsible, Christian people who didn’t spend a lot of time cheering political causes until the attempted overtaking of our country by a liberal minority to the detriment of everything this country was created for.

The same problem still exists. In public the culture battle is being lost and a liberal press is continuing to try to marginalize what was a moral majority to a fringe group status, calling them the Religious Right and associating them to be an outside radical takeover of the GOP. The problem is we are the same people we always were, the heart and soul of core America. We haven’t changed in 250 years. We believe in the sanctity of life, the union of marriage between a man and a woman, and moral values based on biblical standards. Between the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution we had a sure foundation for the greatest country and greatest government in the world.

Now the liberal minority is in charge and is basically ignoring those three documents trying to create a form of enslavement to the government. One thing stands out to me as I have watched the debates and political battles wear on. Even though the GOP is not perfect it is still conservative at its core and yes the Religious Right does have an influence on it. We still want truth and honesty, biblical moral values in life, marriage and other relationships. We want lower taxing because taking other peoples money just because you can is wrong. In order to have the freedom to succeed there must be the freedom to fail. It is expected for the stronger to help the weak and downtrodden. In order to be free you must be willing to be responsible to use that freedom wisely.

In comparison the liberal left now running the country have no godly, biblical foundation and therefore no morality of their own to speak of. They have relative morality which means nothing. The president was elected with the use of big words and phrases that were tested to get the proper response. In essence, He lied. Over and over he lied. He said things to get elected. He parsed words so people didn’t hear what he was really saying but what they only wanted to hear.

He used the word “change” but what he really meant was “destroy”. When he said he wanted fundamentally “change” the way we govern, everyone thought he meant to take what we have and make it better. He really meant to fundamentally change the government from a free republic to a socialist form of government. He subtly inferred that capitalism was the source of our problems but many who voted for him did not realize he wanted to destroy capitalism. When government runs a business that is privately owned that is fascism not capitalism. That is not freedom it is government destroying the freedoms of Americans to make decisions in their best interest and the best interest of all Americans.

The people running congress just make up things to say expecting the people to be too stupid to know the difference all the while they are undercutting our government’s foundation. To summarize these people, whether they are democrats, liberals, socialist or Marxist, display one thing consistently, they lie. A people without God have no reason not to lie or deceive or to do anything else in order to gain power and be in control. As Obama has proven though, once in power they really don’t know what to do. With no other foundation than the repeatedly failed Marxist theories they continue to make one bad decision after another and then use more lies to cover it up, deceive or blame someone else for what they are doing.

Obama has no more experience running a business other than someone flipping burger in a fast food restaurant, but he thinks he is capable of dictating decisions to several of the country’s biggest industries, automotive, banking and insurance. His knowledge extends to what he read in a book somewhere written by a Marxist professor who never worked in the real world either.

His international policy is based on a fantasy Marxist belief in a one world government with its core philosophy of ‘why can’t we just all get along’. The ‘I’ll be nice so why don’t you be nice too?’ negotiating tactic is not based in any kind of real world experience. If the be nice theory worked then why not tell the police in Detroit, New York and Philadelphia to just leave their guns at home and try talking nice to the criminals so they’ll stop doing all those bad things.

The current leader of the free world is walking around with his head in the clouds pretending he knows what he is doing. You would think they are all a bunch of pothead hippies from the sixties running things. Well I think some of them are. Back then they wanted to overthrow the government and have anarchy or socialism. Now they are in charge it looks like we will get both anarchy and socialism unless we, the conservative, Religious Right, God fearing and Constitution loving people up stand and fight. The health care bill, cap and trade, EPA rulings are all intended to destroy our government. We need to treat the liberals, congress, the leftist press and Obama as any other enemy of the true America who would destroy us either from the outside our borders or inside.

As the leader of our country he has not represented the people of the US. He has demeaned different groups, industries, our heritage, our history and apologized for crimes only invented in the minds of a people that hate America. This is not an American president. The people in Congress are not America’s representatives. They represent usurpers, over throwers, destroyers and enemies of all that is good and right with America.

If real American’s get control again then we need to draw a line in the sand. We are believers of free speech but socialism, communism, Marxism or any other ’ism’ should not have a voice at the table of our government. No one with these ideas should have the ability to gain control of any or all of the three branches of our government. None of these liberals should have the ability or power to do what these people have done in the last 50 years in the USA. Like sleeper cell of socialism they have eaten away at our foundation like termites and now we need to exterminate them and put up a barrier to keep them out.


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