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Friday, January 22, 2010

Running with the Herd part II

I started off yesterday discussing evolution and why the Marxist, Progressives, Socialists or Communists (MPSCs) or whatever you want to call them, must have it for a foundation to their invisible agenda. As I said they have a godless worldview and everyone must believe that we all evolved along the human tree and now comprise essentially the human herd. Evolution supports the idea that they, the elite ones, are more advanced than others and therefore they should rule over the rest of us. I called this agenda invisible because so many people buy into this idea and want the same outcome but there is no actual conspiracy. It is when a person has a godless worldview he seems to come to the same conclusions, especially after he hears some of the teachings of Marx.

There are a number of groups working together to bring about Socialist, Marxist change. They all have different methods: using politics, environmental issues, continual lawsuits, education and many more. They are numerous. They are very busy and they are succeeding.

Evolution has been a key to many rulers or would be rulers to support their agenda and the genocide that came with it. In the 20th century nearly 100 million people have died as a result of murder, extermination, torture, starvation and extreme punishment based on a Marxist like ideology combined with a evolution foundation. Hitler saw his race as a supreme Aryan nation and motivated the German people to attempt to conquer the world because he believed they evolved as a pure race better than all others. The threat of Nazism still exist today. Mao killed about 30 million. Stalin killed millions. After the Vietnam war millions died at the hands of communist. The desires of godless rulers always results in many deaths.

Marxist, Progressives, Socialists and Communists see religious people as less evolved, weaker members of the human herd and therefore have no need for them. This takes us to the next issue, morality. Morality only comes from godly people who have values, morals and standards given to them by God. Morality is impressed upon their conscience by God and gives them knowledge of right and wrong. If you see a godless or atheist person promoting morality and values then he got them somewhere from a god believing or Christian person.

Morality did not come from evolution. If you evolved there is no reason to believe in a right or wrong. The guy with the biggest stick gets to decide what is right and what is wrong. The ruling class, the elites, Masters of the Herd chooses what is good or bad in their opinion and they can change it at any time. As Saul Alinsky said “the end justifies the means”. Believing that statement then there is no moral limit on what the Marxist, Progressives, Socialists or Communists will do. They can lie, steal, and break laws or whatever they deem necessary to get their agenda in place. Where Christians and freedom loving people try to abide by the rules of law the Marxist, Progressive, Socialists or Communist see that as an advantage to limit your abilities and extend theirs. They will impose laws on others but will exempt themselves (does that sound much like our current government?).

To a Marxist, Progressive, Socialist or Communist who believes in evolution there is no basis for truth, all is relative. There is no basis for morality if there is no absolute truth. It is bad if you kill my brother but it is okay if I kill yours. If I take something from someone that is good for me. If he steals from me that is bad. The only morality they have has been imposed on them by moral people. If they eliminate the moral people then they are free of the constraints of morality.

Christians and the freedom loving people of the United States have abided by the laws and tried to do things the nice way. We tolerated evolution into our schools and now it is the only “science” (so called) allowed in the schools. We’ve allowed courts to make decisions contrary to the founder’s intentions of the Constitution. We’ve allowed the media to push the limits on TV, newspapers, movies, music, radio and theater. We’ve allowed the MPSC to define our culture, write our textbooks and train our children.

Finally we’ve allowed them to monopolize our government. I don’t believe everyone in government has bought into the MPSC herd mentality. Because the MPSC has used nice sounding emotional causes and ear tickling sound bites, many have bought into actions that have eroded the foundation of our country. Many have bought into the idea that big government is the thing to do not realizing it plays right into the MPSC's hands. With so many people supporting the big government actions the progressives in the United States have come to believe that everyone wants a socialist system. People bought into Obama’s hope and change program thinking they were getting a change to a better functioning open government operating within the Constitution. They did not realize that Obama’s statement “fundamentally change America” meant to destroy the Constitution and bring about a new kind of government, a socialistic kind of government.

It is time to quit allowing anything that is destructive to our American way, life and economy. So where is the reset button? How do we undo all the damage that the Marxist, Progressive, Socialist or Communist has done over the last 70+ years. Can we undo all the damage? I believe we can. Below are some steps we can take:

• Revert to the original method of choosing Senators. Each state legislature was responsible for selecting senators and was answerable to that state’s body. This would eliminate the need to use taxpayer’s money (earmarks) to buy votes to remain in office. They would remain in office only if their state government were satisfied with them.

• Eliminate the current tax code. Go back to a sales or excise tax system used before the turn of the 20th century. Install the FairTax. Get the government out of our personal lives. Get rid of the IRS. We could rehire them to work in migration, border patrol or finding terrorist. They are so good at doing paper work, going after people and interrogations.

• Eliminate the corporate income tax. This opens up all kinds of investment opportunities from people all over the world. Trillions of dollars would flow into American if we made major cuts in the corporate income tax. The economic explosion would help to pay off the debt in short order.

• Enforce the Constitution. Article 8 originally limited government to spend money for the good of the whole country, not individual states, individual projects or people except in the event of a disaster or emergency. This eliminates pork spending and senators buying (bribing) votes to get their pet project through congress.

• Define and clarify the commerce clause. The original intent was to regulate commerce to prevent one state from passing laws that gave its businesses an advantage over other states. It was to promote free trade, not stifle it. Currently the books are filled with regulations that are created out of crony capitalism. They promote one business over another, prevent competition and put undue burdens on small businesses to favor businesses that support senators and congressmen’s election funds. We need to eliminate cronyism and nepotism. Many of the current laws are written to create a dependence on government. Businesses and individuals have to keep coming back to congress and agencies, bow at the feet of government and congress so they might receive graces to continue to operate their business or receive subsidies to maintain their lifestyle.

• Education. So much influence of socialism and Marxism is ingrained in the foundation of our schools and colleges. To correct this we need to make sure all of our textbooks, especially history and government, contain accurate and thorough information. Purge all anti-American inferences that do not reflect the true nature of America and its people. Evolution and creationism should be taught side by side. One says we are just animals, the other says we valuable, created in the image of God. Children should be able to see the meaning between the two.

• Remove all limitations put on religion. "Separation of church and state" is not in the Constitution. It was a Supreme Court statement to define activist judges viewpoint. All the politically correct dogma that has smothered religion and promoted “freedom from religion” should be corrected.

• Amend the fourteenth amendment that was a bounce back to place the same limits on states that were intended only for the federal government. The twisting and abuse of this amendment permitted the federal government to have seemingly unlimited power over the states. That was not the intention. After the civil war congress wanted to put controls on the southern states, the rebellious children to the northern states. Thus the fourteenth amendment was placed there for specific problems with confederate states. It is now used against all fifty states in ways no one ever thought of.

• We need to educate our children to understand economics, capitalism, Marxism, socialism and the real application of those systems, not polished or whitewashed versions. No great country has been created through the use of Marxism or socialism. Every country currently under socialism is predominately poor and getting poorer everyday.

• Christians need to do a better job of promoting morality, principles and standards so people will want those imposed upon themselves locally but not through government.

If you want to run with the Herd then all you have to do is nothing. Soon you will be one of the pack. Your only worry will be to do what your master tells you to do.

If you don't believe you are an animal but a freedom loving creation of God then you need to get off your duff and start doing something. Read part I for things you can do.


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