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Friday, January 22, 2010

Running with the Herd Part III

Last time I discussed more about the Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communist and why they must have evolution for a foundation to their invisible agenda. Again I point that they have a godless worldview and everyone must believe that we all comprise essentially the Human Herd. Christianity, the idea of being created in the image God, creationism, individual uniqueness, inalienable rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution are all in opposition to the Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communist agenda.

In America marriage and what it means has never been questioned until recently. To those who have a godly worldview marriage is a union created by God and can be performed only with the blessings of God. To those with a Marxist, socialist and godless worldview marriage is a term that really has no meaning. Much like truth is relative, it is whatever you want it to be according to feeling and circumstances; marriage can be defined any way you want to define it.

Marriage is a church sacrament that goes back two thousand years and beyond. It is our vow to God that we will marry, love, honor and cherish one another until death do we part. One man and one woman coming together to create a spiritual and physical bond and from that bond comes procreation and the continuation of a civil society. Many of us have broken those vows of course, some more than once, but we still value the sanctity of marriage.

Governments have embraced the Christian wedding ceremony and in most cases legal requirements are placed upon those who are getting married. Legal documentation is necessary when it comes to property rights, inheritance, etc. Getting married in the United States from its inception is a combination of religious and governmental actions. Legally you can be married without a religious ceremony using just a civil ceremony. Even then the civil ceremony traditionally includes scriptures and vows to God so there wasn’t much difference between the two.

A civil union without the religious endorsement is simply a union of two people to share all things legally. The definition of marriage has never needed to be legally defined because the bible and several thousand years of tradition have made the meaning of marriage clear. The Church cannot bless a civil union between two people of the same gender and call it a marriage because the bible declares the act of sex between them as sinful, just as it could not bless a union in adultery or fornication. If two people want to have a civil union and not declare it a marriage is a different argument altogether.

The attempt to redefine marriage as anything else is plainly an attempt to destroy the influence of the church and Christianity. By forcing the government and the church to accept a different definition of marriage is really an act to marginalize the church and say it is no longer relevant in our society. The Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communist’s push to show we are simply animals and members of the big herd needing a big government run by elites will be one step closer to fruition. By destroying marriage and declaring it to be a union of whatever they want is to prove that we are the herd and mating between individuals of the herd has no limits. It can now be a union of two or three or four of any gender. We can now call a pack of humans living together like a pack of dogs a marriage. The church no longer gets to decide. The Masters of the Herd have forced their decision upon us.

Many people want to be in the middle of all this current day political rhetoric, they want to avoid the fight  and call themselves independents, moderates, etc. but the reality is there is no middle ground. The great capitalist economic and constitutional system that created this great American nation is like a car engine, it runs very well but occasionally it needs a a tune up and an oil change. Progressive are like little gremlins throwing sand in the oil and sugar in the gas tank. They want to destroy the capitalist engine and replace it with a poorer quality socialist engine. A conservative is one who wants to keep the same engine for a long time. He tries to maintain it often so it will run as smooth as possible. A moderate or independent is one who occasionally checks the oil, never does a tune up and will only see a mechnic when a red light on the dashboard come on.  The moderate may really likes the capitalist system but sits on the fence. His fence sitting is enabling the gremlins to replace the engine sooner. By doing nothing he is adding to the destruction of our freedoms, our Constitution and our economy.

The Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communists of the world need to eliminate people with a godly worldview. They cannot tolerate a world with religion and a religious viewpoint. They cannot function in a world of absolutes where there is a clear right or wrong. They cannot function in a world where people believe they are not just an evolved animal but special, created in the image of God. This is not just a battle of conservatives and liberals, republican and democrats. This is a battle for the heart of America and ultimately the whole world. American’s with their godly worldview, freedoms and capitalist economic system is a big hindrance to the Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communist godless, humanist worldview and their great vision of a one world government ruling earth’s great human herd. Much of the world’s peoples have already fallen into this worldview. Many are leaning in that direction. The Marxist, Progressives, Socialist, and Communists are pushing as hard as they can to bring down America and join the great socialist movement as many Europeans have. There can be no middle ground. Like it was once said “if you are not for us then you are against us”. If you are not supporting the Godly worldview, freedom, liberty, unhindered markets, the Constitution and the freedom Amendments then you are unknowing or unwittingly supporting the destruction of America. You have a choice, support the traditional spiritual based America with all its freedoms or you can run with the Herd.


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