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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Happened to the Jobs?

Are you out of work? No health insurance? Maybe even no place to live? Where are the jobs? What happened to the stimulus money? Well the stimulus was a bust from the git go. It was a payoff to liberal friends of the democrats and a wish list of liberal things to do.

When will employers start hiring again? They say jobs are the last things to improve coming out of a recession. Why, because employers, companies and industries think long term. They plan with five year goals and then develop shorter term goals. When the markets are too uncertain to develop a plan then they wait. They keep their belt tighten until the future looks better. Businesses need a stable economy and a stable system to plan for the future.

Right now the government is pondering many changes that drastically affect how our economy will work in the near future. Health care, cap and tax (trade), a war tax, increasing taxes by allowing tax cuts to expire, allowing the death tax exemption to expire. So many things that will affect the profits of a business, especially small businesses, so they cannot forecast how much they will have to spend on capital improvement, growth and most importantly, jobs. As long as your government keeps playing with major (anti-capitalist) changes you are not going to get a job. If you have a part time job you may have it for a lot longer than you expected. For you things are not going to get better.

Government cannot create jobs. Realistically government does not produce or create a single thing, not a product to sell or a service to add to the value of anything. Government can only increase cost. A government job can only be created by taking money away from you, me and businesses which leaves us all with less to spend on the things we need. The best thing government can do is to minimize regulations, lower taxes and get out of the way.

If you want a job tell your government to settle down and quit trying to change things. Jobs are the most important thing needed in America right now, all the other stuff can wait.

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