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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things to think about:

Things to think about:

The healthcare bill can be realistically be called the ‘Bribery and Extortion Bill of 2009’. Multiple senators have been bought off with billions of dollars of our money adding even more to a bill that will cost 2.5 trillion dollars. “If the healthcare legislation is really so important and if it will truly benefit Americans, then why is it necessary to bribe the people’s representatives? The just and honorable vote never requires a pay-off, at least, not for a legislator who truly represents the best interests of his or her constituents.” (Meredith Turney,

If the healthcare bill passes in the house and committee then the government will be in control of 70% of the economy. Since Obama took over GM, controls Chrysler, banks and AIG with other insurance companies, with new banking regulations and the EPA (unconstitutionally) declaring carbon dixoide, the air we all exhale, a pollutent and thus now regulate the power companies and industries that burn fuel. The healthcare industry will be the last 17% segment of the economy added to the list.

That is not a free socicety. That is not a free people or a free capitalist system for which our constitution was created. That is why the founders came to America, to get away from such tyranny and bondage. The lazy don’t want to be free, the young don’t fully understand the freedom that is lost and the irrational and godless think more government control is the answer. Freedom is being lost and the majority don’t seem to care. It is not just a little freedom we are losing, it is most of it.

Freedom does not come from government. Rights do not come from government. Government can only protect the rights and freedom God has given us. Anything else is bondage to a group of men who think they are more important than God. When men are in charge of freedoms they can decide what freedoms are allowed and who gets them.

If the government can force you to buy health insurance or else go to jail, they can force you to do anything. If you have a choice of anything it will be because government has given you permission to do so.

Forcing an American to buy health insurance is unconstitutional but if this congress get aways with this then the constitution will no longer have meaning. There will be no foundation for our governement.

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