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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unintended Consequences

The unintended consequences of this healthcare bill have not been mentioned yet but I can think of several. If you have ever dealt with different agencies trying to get something done you will have a feel for what is going to take place.

One consequence: the new bill creates about 100 new boards, agencies, panels and whatever they could think of, all of this to make our healthcare “better”. With all these new ‘whatever they could think of panels', agencies, etc., the initial scenario will be: because of your age a particular new panel rules against you for some procedure you think you need so you appeal. The appeal takes time and brings into conflict several other panels who think they have jurisdiction over your decision. After time they all finally decide to bump it up to a higher panel who is overwhelmed with bumped up decisions because no one anticipated this many bump ups while the senator were bumping in the wee night hours at congress.

After a long period of time they decide that they cannot decide so they bump it up to the governing HHS department who puts it in the queue for decision making and when it is your turn they decide. At which time they mail the decision to your new address. Plot 2, Lot 5, Westland Cemetery, Yourtown, USA. Turns out you really did need that procedure.

We see similar improvements in government healthcare in the UK. There is a ten month waiting list for use of the delivery room (no lie). There is no rationing in our bill, just waiting.

I can’t wait for this bill to get started and all those people who wanted more government finally get it. I think some of the socialist leaning folks will actually get it now because for years they just haven’t got it. Common sense is sometimes hard to grasp for some people. Unintended consequences show that elections have consequences and provide some people with common sense.


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