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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

About the massacre that occurred last week at the high school in Florida

The massacre that occurred last week at the high school in Florida was as horrific as it can possibly get for the parents, friend, students and teachers. Many of the angry students are venting their anger and the media is using it to their advantage to promote their leftist agenda. Instead of blaming the shooter (the actual evil person who perpetuated the act), the FBI who failed to act or the school for not doing some common-sense safeguards, especially after the warning signs so clearly given by this student, the students now blame President Trump. Now where would the students get the idea that it is President’s Trump fault. That somehow, because he didn’t focus on gun control laws in his first year in office, it is his fault that 17 students and teachers died. Is some leftist coaching involved here?

So now the cry is “gun control”, “gun control “and more “gun control”. Another cry is “stop the violence” (like we haven’t been wanted that since the beginning of time). Does that mean we don’t have enough gun control already (…/359363-What-if-there-were-serious-gun-…). There are already plenty of gun laws on the books.
The problem with laws is 1. They are usually for punishment after the fact. We already have laws that make killing illegal, carrying guns on campus illegal and making terroristic threats illegal. None of these had an impact on the young mentally disturbed student who wanted to kill people. We even have some laws that prevent mentally ill people from buying guns but that doesn’t stop them from getting them illegally. Until we have the power to predict the future of what every potential individual lawbreaker will do, we cannot stop the violent and evil people from doing violent and evil acts. In Minority Report, the movie, they did predict the future of evil acts. That was fantasy of course but then a lot of what the left does is fantasy.

Problem #2, with more gun laws or making certain guns or even all guns illegal, doesn’t stop the lawless individuals from breaking the law. Never has, never will. France has some of the toughest gun laws in the world and that didn’t stop evil people from killing over 100+ people a couple of years back.

Let’s compare what leftist want to do with actual reality. We have laws against drug trafficking. Is that working to perfection or do we still have drug trafficking? We have laws against human and sex trafficking. Is that working to perfection or do we still have problems with trafficking, especially across the southern border. We have laws against many crimes. Does that stop people from committing crimes? Not so much. Again, the laws usually dictate what punishment will be given after a crime has happened. Just as the young shooter will probably face life in prison or the death penalty for killing 17 people. The laws against killing never crossed his mind.

The far-far left will want to go even further and call for repealing the 2nd amendment. They are those who are totally ignorant of history or they are openly bent on destroying America. The primary reason for the 2nd amendment is for the security of America. To maintain a free country and prevent totalitarianism. In today’s world it is socialism, communism and many other forms of Marxism that would like to replace the American freedom with their tyranny. An armed citizenry is the prime reason some communist or dictator cannot take over this country.

The other prime reason is self-defense. The creators of our Constitution recognized that there we certain inalienable rights due to free men. You can say the most important were listed in order of appearance. The first of these rights was freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of the (honest) press, to gather and confront the government with grievances. The 2nd was the right to bear arms. The right to defend yourself against greater odds, bigger or multiple thugs who would do you harm. This is a God given natural right, not man given. The government takes this right away as we so clearly saw last week in a "gun free zone". There was one armed guard on campus last week but he never encountered the shooter. Had the people (teachers and coaches) had the unfettered right to arm and defend themselves there may have been a few of them that could have cut short the rampage and the killing. Possibly more children would have come home to their parents that day. If you want to blame someone, blame the people who take away this sacred god given natural right.

A local school union leader here complained that you could have some teachers who has issues (mental maybe?) and might start shooting students. The answer there is first, anyone with a concealed carry permit will undergo a FBI (FBI, oops) background check. Then as any teacher does in education, undergo further training not only in how to deal with school and crowd shooting situations but also continuous vetting to make sure they are ready and able to deal with not only mass shootings but the days to day encounters they might have with violent students without the need to shoot everyone.

So, to end this paper I would like to suggest something. More gun laws are not going to do anything to stop violence. Thousands of years of history prove this. Nothing will stop violent people from becoming violent. That is the reality of life. If it were possible to totally eliminate guns then that would be something else, but then men always create new ways to work around laws to accomplish what they want to do. Bans don't work. Banning alcohol didn’t work. Anything you ban will create an underground black market for the same. Another reality of life. Thousands of years of history prove that too.

The job of the police is to protect and serve. But if they are not where you are when you need them then you are on your own. If you want to protect your children the one sure thing that works that does not deal in fantasy or wishful thinking is to have good people with guns ready to protect people from bad guys with guns. The more the better. That is the only answer that works. That is the 2nd amendment answer. You have the natural right to defend yourself and your loved ones. Put that in place in our school and you will see fewer students and teachers dying at the hands of madmen.


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