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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another thought about these advocates for more gun control

Another thought about these advocates for more gun control. These guys want the government to pass some sort of (they call common sense [senseless to me]) gun laws to stop gun violence. Would that be the same government that hired the armed school security guard that never encountered the school shooter? Or would that be the government that provides the police that can help you maybe five minutes from now? I’m not bad-mouthing the police but the reality is they can’t be where you need them, when you need them, but they are usually only just a few minutes away.

Would you want the government that put the FBI in charge of protecting us when they failed to follow their own procedures that would have prevented the killer from taking action? Or maybe the government could get the FBI to put in a little more effort in finding a person who claims he want to be a “professional school shooter”. Is that the government you want to protect you?

Or maybe you want to put your trust in the government that fails to report a domestic abuser so that person can kill 23 innocent churchgoers.

Maybe someday the governments above can fix all those problems I listed, but then what is the next dot that they fail to connect. More laws mean there is more work to do. More work means more opportunities to fail. There will be a next time, and another and another. Each time someone will be blamed for their failure. Each time there will be calls for more and more laws which means more failure. Over time the only thing that will be reduced won’t be the violence, it will be our freedoms.

Ultimately the government cannot save you. When your house is on fire you don’t wait for the fire department to pull you outside. You get yourself and your family out as soon as you can. If your spouse’s heart stops you can’t wait for the EMT’s, you must do CPR now. In most of life we must learn to take care of ourselves until help arrives. We take safety classes, first-aid and CPR all because we cannot just wait for someone from the government to take care of us at the moment we need them. When it comes to self-defense the same thing applies and that is what the 2nd amendment provides for us, the natural right to take of ourselves until other help arrives. The natural right to defend ourselves against a threat when we need to, right now in this moment, not later.

Oh, and about this banning AR15’s. The old saying “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Well don’t bring a little gun to a big gun fight. If the bad guy has a 30 round AR15 (legally or illegally), I don’t want the government limiting me to a 10-round magazine because they think it makes “US” safer. The only person they have made safer is the bad guy. While I’m trying to reload he is still shooting at me. I want to be able to have as big a gun and as many rounds as the bad guy does. If he only brings a little gun with a limited magazine that’s his problem not mine.

The reality is, ultimately, we, you and me, are responsible for our own self-protection. Most of the time the police arrive after the crime has been committed or at best at the end of a crime and chase the bad guy down. If you want to protect your children, your family and loved ones, YOU are the one responsible. Your only real option is to have more good people with guns in more places than bad guys with guns. How you make that happen is up to you. Because if you don’t, next week will be no different than last week. It could happen all over again.

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