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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The responcibility of Perfection

A few months ago I was discussing our perfection in Christ and another Christian gentleman vigorously argued that we can never be perfect in this life.  From man’s point of view we can never be perfect, but from God’s viewpoint perfection is a requirement. You see God is absolutely perfect. He is perfectly righteous, holy and totally without sin. He cannot even tolerate the slightest presence of sin. Just ask Adam. One tiny moment of disobedience and BANG, he is cut off from God’s fellowship, God’s presence and eternal life. So in order for us to become one with God (John 17:21-23) we had to be restored to perfection. To become a child of God and walk in His presence we had to be perfect, not refurbished like so many used products on market today, but a completely brand new kind of perfect. That is what Jesus did. He came as a man, lived and suffered as a man. Paid the price for mankind so we who accepted His sacrifice could become perfection again. That is the wonderful message of the Gospel. From God’s perspective we are now perfect.


But being made perfect from God’s point of view also means there are many great benefits and responsibilities. The benefits are endless. Just pick up a bible promise book and see many of them. Also the book of Proverbs is filled with all the promises of what God will do for a righteous man. Yes, we are the righteous ones He is speaking of. The perfect ones in Christ. Most of us are not reaping all of the benefits of a Christian made perfect in Jesus, but the sad part is we are also not keeping the responsibilities that He requires of us.


If you look around America today you can see the results of a failed church body. The evidence is clear. If the Church was doing its job of transforming the world for Jesus, America would not be in the horrible shape it is in today. Many churches claim to “bible” churches but are they really? I call them 30% churches. They teach the bible but only the parts that make them feel good. They teach the parts that don’t put too much responsibility on them. They teach the parts that align with their denominational doctrines. They don’t teach the parts that require them to stretch their faith. To summarize what Jesus said in the Great Commission “all authority in heaven and earth is given unto me, now go in that same authority and do what I did. Preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons and teach others to do the same (like in Luke 9 & 10).


In order for America to be saved for our children and grandchildren, the church needs to start fulfilling its real responsibility. We’ve been eating spiritual pie and ice cream for too many years. It’s now time to for the meat and vegetables. We need to draw on the power of our perfection and start operating as Jesus instructed us to do. Or we can just let America become the next Sodom and Gomorrah. Will your grandchildren thank you for that?