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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More thought on the Florida shooting and the subsequent protest by students

One more thought based on the Florida shooting and the subsequent protest by students. Students are crying for more gun control and an end to violence. They are protesting in their hometowns, in DC and the Florida capital. The same old cry is “government do something”. Government fix my problem. Government take care of me. Someone told them that they should depend on government for all their needs so now they blame the government, the president and anyone else they think should their provider and protector. These kids have missed a very important lesson in life. You are responsible for yourself. You are responsible for your own safety. In early America, nearly everyone had a gun or some means of self-defense. The constitution guaranteed you that right. Reality has not changed but the education of our children has created a utopia concept that they don’t have to worry about evil anymore, the government will protect them and provide for them.

In the real world, you know that reality thing, they are still responsible for themselves. Evil is not going away. Maybe in the utopia fantasyland evil does not exist but in the real world it does. People die every day. In my high school days if student died from a car wreck or whatever, we just dealt with it. Today a flood of counselors is required because the utopian bubble has a leak. Kids shouldn’t have to experience bad things like death and all that.

But to the main point: we are responsible for ourselves. Something that is lost on many American kids today, being self-responsible and being self-reliant. Our Constitution and our freedoms are dependent on a people who are self-responsible and self-reliant. So, when it comes to protecting our kids it is up to us to do it or demand the institution we send them to do it. Whether it is armed guards, concealed weapon carriers, reinforced barriers or any other means, it is not the Federal government job to do what you need to do at your local level. Here in Georgia the state has passed a law to allow conceal carry on campus. Who is against it? Every school board in the state and the teacher’s unions. So, who is going to protect your kids. That sign that says, “Gun Free Zone”. Is that sign going to keep your kids alive? Parents need to take actions that work. Crying for some law that just might, maybe, slightly possibly keep some bad guy from getting a gun all the while it only makes it harder for law abiding citizen to get guns to protect them and their children.

I’ve posted below some real common-sense solutions to protecting your children at schools. They are not the “if we take guns away from everybody then the bad guy will be nice and leave us alone” utopian dream.

Parents, if you want to really protect your children then do something that works. Remember, the 2nd amendment gives you the right to protect yourself and your loved ones by being armed. If you choose to not exercise that right that is your choice. Don’t blame the government.


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