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Monday, November 9, 2009

Republicans and Conservatives

Much is being said about the independent and moderates going to the conservative side of the issues today. Many of the same people who voted for Obama are now having regrets and are supporting "Republican" candidates. Many of the same people who voted for Obama were actually voting against Republicans, not necessarily against conservative values. Conservative values are not the problem with the Republican party. The problem is individuals Republicans saying they are conservative, i.e. supposedly standing for conservative values and then doing the same un-conservative things the Democrats do. The big three issues, small government, lower taxes and lower spending, do not go together with earmarks, big spending bills that favor special interest, creating more debt and supporting taxes.

A number of blue dog Democrats and one Republican supported the massive takeover of healthcare because they bought into the bribes being offered by Pelosi. Pelosi offered to exempt their states from some of the destruction of this bill if they would give her their vote. I think I saw that ploy used in a movie somewhere. In other words these people have no core values, no foundation to stand on, just go with the flow wherever it goes so long as they get to stay in office.

And therein lays the problem. Conservative will take a stand, Republicans will not. Conservatives says “this is what I believe” and vote that way, A Republican will be like a democrat, say one thing to get elected and then vote whatever way is politically or financially expedient. What the moderate or independent is looking for is a person who says what they believe, stands for what they believe and communicates it by doing what they say they will do. The conservatives, the moderates and independent voters are looking for people of character and fortitude. The Conservatives have a message and stand by it. If the Republicans find people like that and adopt the message then they will get all the voters they need.

BTW: This idea that you can exempt states from certain legislature in order to protect the representatives from those states seems to me to be in violation of the equal protection clause. Why should someone be exempt from a tax because of where they are from? I deserve the right to exempt if anyone else is. That makes this healthcare bill even more unconstitutional. To get Cao’s vote he was assured that Louisiana would be excluded from certain clauses in the bill. Senator Harry Reid got his state excluded for paying taxes for a certain number of years (so he could be re-elected). There were five other states that got exclusions in order to get their vote. Bills passed in Congress should apply to everyone; Senator, Representatives, States and businesses. This would eliminate a lot of the vote buying in Congress.


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  1. As a moderate Democrat who supports tax reform, I couldn't agree more. Insurance companies and special interests control Congress because individuals in Congress aren't held to tough rules. This is the real reason that things like the estate tax still exist. The estate tax was scheduled to phase out in 2010, but liberals are bringing it back now in order to increase revenue. That'll hurt small business--the very people Obama says he's trying to help. But liberals keep saying the estate tax only effects the super rich. That's just not true (check out At this point, I'm just really sick of my party, but don't see a good alternative in the Republicans either. I think it is time for a third party.