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Friday, November 20, 2009

Real Americans And Those Who Are Not

I have a question. America was born out of a desire to be free of tyranny and taxes and to have a government that would have a minimal impact on people’s lives. People were to be free to have life, liberty and to be able to pursue personal happiness. My question is, if there are people who desire a socialistic system, a big government and high taxes with the intent of redistributing wealth, are they really Americans? A large number of natural born “Americans”, about 10%-20%, believe that a socialist type government is the way to go. They think it is the right thing to do, destroy the America that has stood for over two hundred years and replace it with a Marxist, European style government. They believe that they are just as American as I am but they want to destroy my America to have their version of America.

Part of our American government experiment was to have sovereign states and a sovereign Federal government, with limitations on the Federal side, so each state could equally and freely compete with other states as to how they accomplish business, education and community. If you didn’t like how they did things in one state you were free to move to another. A current example is Texas. Texas established medical tort reform a few years back and now doctors are flocking to the Lone Star state because they like what Texas did for their businesses and states that are favorable to medical lawsuits have doctors leaving in droves.

In the process of this state competition the Federal government could regulate interstate commerce to make sure there was open competition and no one state could pass laws giving it an unfair advantage over another.

The primary thing about the new America was an individual was totally free to make choices and do as he wished. People can make good choices or bad ones and reap the results of their choices. That is what freedon is all about.

My thinking is if someone really doesn’t like our system of government and freedom then they should go somewhere, like Europe, and find a government they do like. It happens here all the time. People who don’t like the system in Europe try to come here by the thousands every year in order to have more freedom of choice and live a better life.

If you don't like it here and you want to destroy this great American system then you are not a real American, plain and simple. If you are actively doing something to bring about the destruction of the American system as many in congress are doing with an open disregard for our Constitution then you should be recognized as a traitor, again plain and simple. The fact that you do not use a gun or a bomb to destroy us makes no difference because the results you desire are the same, the overthrow of the greatest government system on earth. You should face judgement for your actions.

When you are faced with the truth and you want to plead ignorance that is fine. You can repent or you could just apologize and leave, you are free to do so. If you are faced with the error and respond by saying “Are you serious?” then you should have some happy jail time, your citizenship removed and then be allowed with an escort to leave. Maybe they will have a place for you in France. They already have the system you so dearly like.

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