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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Public Prostitution is legal in Washington

Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana, gave her vote on Saturday night for the healthcare plan. She was bought and paid for with a 300 million dollar bribe. She gets a bigger chunk of money for Medicare in her state and a new hospital. You can call it a bribe or the simple and most understandable word is prostitution, selling your soul for something of value. The worst part is the price paid for this prostitution was with our money. Harry Reid doesn’t use his money to buy the souls of other democrats, he uses our money. Money we worked for that was taken from us and used as a bribe. This has got to be the most corrupt congress in the history of the United States. The national debt is now over 12 trillion dollars. The interest is over 400 billion dollars a year. And our congress is still throwing money around like confetti at Mardi Gras.

My Senator, a Republican is no better. Senator Johnny Isakson penned a bill to extend the tax credit for homebuyers. This seems innocent on the surface but Mr. Isakson is a real estate person. His friends are real estate people. His bill is to stimulate the real estate business and thus his friend’s income. The cost of this bill is nearly 24 billion dollars and again we, you and I, are paying for these special privileges. I pay plenty of taxes but the value in my home dropped too low to sell. I can’t run out and get my $8000. I get no benefit from this home buying perk. My brother in law bought his first house, got $8000 cash, took a long vacation and remodeled the kitchen. You and I paid for that and for many, many others. It is time for the government to stop giving our money away. They buy votes; they supply their friends and could care less about you and me. The government does not exist to bail out sectors of society every time things get tough. The real estate market will come back on its own. The automotive market will come back on its own. Everything will work out if government will get out of the way and let the free market work. We need to take their credit cards away and send them away forever. I want a real conservative in office, not a conservative when it’s convenient.

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