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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Nuclear Free World

The president has a vision of a nuclear free world. It goes along with the utopian vision of a world without guns. Taking away nuclear weapons from countries that support freedom and peace is the same as taking away guns from honest, law abiding citizens. Only criminals will have the guns and in a nuclear free (idealistic) world only bad guys will end up with the nuclear weapons. Imagine what the world would be like if we took away guns from all the police and armies of peace loving nations. Would we all be sitting around singing songs and living happily ever after? Probably not. Criminals would run amok. There would be all kinds of dictators, war lords, cartels, gangs, etc. trying to get power and rule over people because they would have illegal guns and weapons while the good folks won’t. The little men running Iran would be chomping at the bit if we destroyed all our nuclear weapons. The world would be at the mercy of men like that.

The other problem with nuclear weapons is that to perfectly eliminate them you would have to eliminate the knowledge of how to build them. Does that sound like a realistic solution? How do you purge knowledge? I know of some who tried. Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

The best deterrent for peace is that the good guys have the biggest sticks, the most sticks and know how to use it.


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