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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Civilization Game

Did you ever play the computer game “Civilization”? I never did actually but my son did play it quite a bit before he was old enough to know about driving, girls and all that silly stuff. Civilization was a realistic game about building a civilization, surviving the attacks and problems and finding out what happens when you decide to change your little world from one type of government to another. Usually the transition from one from to another involves anarchy: a state of society without government or law; political and social disorder. In the game, out of the disorder you would build a new form of government.

The Cloward-Piven strategy (google it), two political activists/sociologists in the 60’s, created a plan to bring down our current government by overloading it with government dependency, welfare and debt. This would destroy the current government, as in lets have some anarchy, and their plan was that out of the anarchy they would create a new wonderful totalitarian government and we would all reside in a blissful, utopian and godless world. In the past this kind of transition (Russia, China, Viet Nam, etc,) has cost a few lives, like 100 million or so.

It is strange to see that this kind of plan is playing out already in Greece where a socialist democratic styled government is actually failing because of its dependency, welfares and debt. We see the riots (anarchy?) in the streets because the poor people (spoiled, dependent people and union workers) don’t want to lose all their benefits and be required to work and earn the same as the rest of the people.

But Greece is a future picture of where America is going. The liberals, progressives, Marxist minded democrats and now Obama have been fulfilling the Cloward-Piven strategy gradually over the last forty years and they are now bringing it to a head. The idea to fundamentally change American into a socialist state and like Greece we are moving full speed ahead. They want everyone to be dependent on or controlled by governement. Their plan is to take us as far and as fast as they can so we, the people, cannot bring it back. Of course they are just the pawns in this game. Once we fail like Greece is failing then anarchy will happen and the real players in this game will take over. Whether it is a George Soros, or some other power broker, someone will step up and have all the answers to bring peace and tranquility to the world. We will hear the “Ta-dum, Here I come to save the Day” song.

The bible knows all about this person. It calls this person the antichrist. Soros is behind a lot of this fundamental change in America. He is pushing to change the whole world to a Marxist utopia using his billions that he earned in our free market system. He is funding millions of dollars to many different socialist, communist groups in America in his attempt to bring us down. He is sort of the ‘I got mine, I want all the rest so I can sit on it’ idea. He is the typical world domination type we read about in spy stories. Where is James Bond when you really need him? You know, good guy versus the world domination, rich billionaire, etc kind of thing. We’ve watched it in the movies, now we get to experience it.

If America fails then the whole world will also fail because all our economies are tied together. The stage will be set for the bible prophecies to be complete. A one world ruler, a one world government versus a one world religion, Muslim, and the battle of Armageddon will then center on Israel. Israel will not give in to either one. It will be the western world government versus the eastern world religion in a battle that will be the end of us all.

Do we sit by and do nothing and say “if it be God’s will?” or can we actually change the big plan by our prayers and our actions. America is not gone yet. There is still hope. I imagine that the future looked just as bleak in the 1760’s as it does today. The founders of this country fought against all odds and won because God was on their side. God is still on our side. His word says so (Romans chapter 8). But we must first unite in prayer and then in actions that line up with God’s word and our prayers. We can change America to be better that it was before. We can change it back to a real Christian Nation without having anarchy. This is not a computer game and I don’t want to lose.


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