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Friday, May 7, 2010

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead

Just think about it. We hired a man to run this country whose only real experience is being a change agent. The job of a community organizer is to change the community. Enlist and activate people to make changes by political means. Is it no surprise that all he is doing is changing things in the only manner he knows how? He does not know how to be an administrator. He does not know how to manage and definitely does not know how to deal with a crisis. He primary method, as we have all seen, is to make speeches to incite people to action by blaming or demonizing someone or some group. This was his tried and true method as an organizer and that is what he thinks he is good at. We see this every time he speaks. His world is so small that he is incapable of thinking outside of that box. The utopian goal is the most important thing to him. Not national defense, not jobs or the economy, not disasters, life and property. To him the only obstacle is the Constitution. Go for the goal, change and more change, as fast as you can change. Change, that is all he knows.

One writer asked the question, what are we changing to? What will America look like when they are finish changing? Who knows? I'm not sure they even know. They are Progressives. As long as they are progressing somewhere they don’t care what the end results are. Just keep progressing and make more changes, “damn those torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

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