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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If you are one of those who thinks they will get free health care and only the rich or businesses will be paying more then forget it. Several things will happen when all this takes effect.

1. People will pay more for less. we started with 280 million who did have insurance and 30 million people who did not have health insurance. We destroy the current system and only add 15 million. The other 15 million still are not covered. The cost for the 15 million who are added will be spread among the 285 million who had insurance they were happy with. That means people will have to pay more or have less. About 6% increase in cost will be the likely scenario.

2. If health care cost 6% more then a family will spend 6% less on goods and services that would create jobs for everybody else. Considering the speed of money factor that would be about a 10-15% decrease in the economy. Hence higher unemployment. According to the Democrats method of increasing taxes every time they need to make up for losses then those who are working will be required to pay more for the loss in revenue because of higher unemployment. Thus the family has even less and the cycle continues until somebody realizes that this government is destroying us and puts a stop to it. It would be best not to even let it start.

3. Businesses will have 8-15% increase in cost. That is an expense that will be covered one way or another. That means they will have to increase prices to everyone including the poor. Or they will decrease their labor force and layoff workers to cover cost. So those who think this is all free will eventually be paying for it in the end because they cannot get a job, or buy food and other basic necessities because prices went up.

4. You have to ask the question, why is the government taking over our healthcare? They told us the sole purpose was to insure the uninsured. To help the poor folks who can't afford it. Their answer for this is to destroy the current system, replace it with a European style socialist system (that has failed over and over everywhere it is used) taking over 18% of the American economy. And then only half of the uninsured will be covered. The answer is they are not interested in in the uninsured, they are interested in getting government control of that 18% of the economy that affects the lives of every American. If you don't toe the line on healthcare the IRS will come after with a vengence. Every average American is a potential criminal. Just make a mistake on your income tax and see how many times you will audited. Speak out aginst the government now and they will be watching you. Only 50% of Americans pay taxes. Now everyone will be obligated to pay them for health care. They will own you. Slavery is back in America.

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