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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Real Solution to America's Problems

The early fathers gave us a free Republic and told us to “keep it if we could”. We are not doing so well are we? Another founder stated that our form of government was “for a Christian people and would work for no other”. Five of the early states prior to the Federal Constitution had state constitutions that required their leaders be Christians. This was easy to do at the time with so much of the population being Christian. Term limits were not required for leaders who met these standards. These were men who could pretty much be trusted to put God and country first.

Now Christians (real ones) are in the minority. We got our priorities backwards and now we are paying for it. A godless people require endless rules and laws to dictate how they should live. A Christian people do not need this because they have the law of God written in their hearts. Here we are trying to do what the godless do, makes rules and laws to compensate for our lack of a Godly life and fulfilling God’s will. We are all called to lead people to Christ, to teach them the meaning of being in Christ and eternal life with Christ. Our failure to do this has resulted in the government we have today. Many want to rework the Constitution to fix the problems, clarify the areas that have be abused by the left. Before we rewrite or add to the Constitution we need to first turn back to God, repent and learn to do His will and He will restore our country. Nothing else here is going to work.

The current problem in the USA is not all the socialistic, anti-God stuff going on. That is the symptom of the real problem. The problem starts with Christians who haven't done what God has called them to do. We are to make disciples. We are to teach others who are also willing to teach and pass on the teachings of Jesus. We are to win the world for Christ not hand it over to Satan and his disciples who are willing to do anything to be in control. If we are outnumbered by non-christians then we have failed to do what God called us to do.

If we were winning other to Christ, teaching them what it means to be in Christ then this country would still have solid Christian values. As a majority we would have Christian morals and finally true Christian leaders. There would be no debate about out of wedlock children, abortion, homosexuals or otherwise. By our own failure to do what God has called us to do we are reaping what we have sown and now we are crying about it. It is time to repent and turn from our selfish, comfort loving ways and get into God's program. Then God will deal with this abomination (Obamanation) in response to our repentance and turning from our wicked ways. We need people to be discipled (win them to Christ and teach them) and those willing to disciple (leaders, teachers, men of faith). Most of all we need to understand who we are in Christ and God's purpose for our lives. American Christians apparently don't want to know because it will interfere with their comfortable lifestyle. We need to pray for revival from God (not the annual tent meeting kind created by man). Pray for the power of God to fall from heaven and fill His people with the desire to do anything necessary to make this nation a nation of true Christian people. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are good documents but they don't replace the people. The people need to change, repent, seek God and then we will have all our freedoms once again.

Prophets of doom think it is the end of the world. Lets repent first and then see what God will do. Maybe it is not the end yet. I would hate to stand before God and find out He wanted us to turn the country back before He returned and we failed because we thought it wasn't worth trying.


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