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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From a victim of the non-stimulus stimulus bill

I was laid off two weeks ago. I am a victim of the non-stimulus stimulus bill. The one that was sooooo urgent it had to be passed right away. But it was pointed out the other day that no new jobs will be created this year. Seven months to go and no new jobs. My company was depending on that money for these shovel ready energy jobs that our clients were ready to go forward with.

Part of the problem is our dear president makes a speech every other day and in every speech he spends parts of the time demonizing some part of the economy, a group like accountants at his UNLV speech, or the oil industry or wall street, or bankers or Christians or the tea party groups, etc. Every speech must have a bad guy, a straw man to blame and he has the solution which always requires more government intervention. As long as he keeps changing things and blaming people then investors and businessmen are not going to take chances and start new job creating projects because the whole landscape could change tomorrow and they could lose everything. They will wait until things settle down, if they ever do. If Obama stays with this constant change philosophy the job situation in the US will only continue to get worse. Until we are all destroyed.

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