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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

An important view of the Bill of Rights

An important view of the Bill of Rights that receives little attention is why do we have a Bill of Rights? What was the original intent? You may wonder why the first ten amendments are even listed to begin with. Many erroneously believe the government gives us these rights because they are listed in the amendments. But no, the government does not give us rights. The rights listed in the Bill of Rights was initially considered “natural rights” or God given rights. Being that these rights were considered God given (based on years of legal writings at the time) they originally didn’t see the need to list them. The Constitution gave the government limited rights and specific powers. All other rights were given to the states and the people. If the government was given no right or power to take away our God given rights then why bother to list them.

After the Constitution was adopted the debate continued and eventually the Bill of Rights was written specifying the God given natural rights government COULD NOT TAKE AWAY and was supposed to protect.

Today we are facing a battle to take away our second amendment right based on emotional events that have happened in recent years. Much of the emotional has been stirred in part to the media enhancement of these events. But the fact is that if the government decides it has the power to eliminate the God given right of self-defense then also has the power to take away any of the other protected rights.

The goal of progressives is to confiscate all guns. Only government (and criminals) will have guns and therefore the world will be peaceful. This was the argument of Hitler. By taking all the guns there would be peace he argued. The result, of course, was that millions of people were defenseless and died at the hand of Hitler. This is the type of situation the founding fathers saw and sought to prevent it by listing our specific rights.

When you hear the phrase “For the greater good” or “We need to do it for the children” or use children spokespersons while they are asking you to give up your natural rights, beware, be very aware. The freedom of your children, grandchildren and all that follow are at stake.

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