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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Repealing the Second Amendment

With all the talk and actions about repealing the second amendment or banning various guns, one big factor is overlooked. The right to self-defense is a natural right. It is a given that your natural reaction to a threat is to defend and protect yourself and your family. The Supreme Court affirmed this right a few years ago. Per the second amendment. you have a right to be armed and defend yourself anywhere you are. There are a lot of municipalities that infringe on this right and they are wrong.

Picture this scenario: An enemy country hacks into our electrical grid (like the Russians did a short time ago) but this time they are able to completely shut down our electrical grid. Now we are without electricity for weeks or even months. Or perhaps an enemy detonates an EMP bomb in our atmosphere permanently taking out all our electronics and electricity grid. So now we have no phones, no electricity, no internet and no 911.

With no access to 911, police, fire or other emergency responders, gangs of thugs (they are out there) start roaming the street looking to rob, rape and kill anyone they desire. Now you are faced with a dilemma. Your natural rights say you need to protect yourself and your family, but you are an anti-gunner. You voted to eliminate the second amendment. You don’t believe in guns. You were depending on the government to protect you. (gag).

You have several choices: 1. You can become religious and pray that the thugs will ignore you. MAYBE they won’t rape your wife and daughter, kill you and take all your stuff. 2. Or, stand your ground and die for what you believe in, that no civilian should have a gun 3. Run to your neighbor and hope he still has an AR-15 hiding in his closet.

If you think such a scenario cannot happen, well no one thought the 9/11 attacks could happen. Nor that Columbine, Parkland in South Florida or the Las Vegas shooting could happen. The difference is we didn’t know in advance that the former would or could happen. We do know that our enemies are trying destroy our electrical grid because it will destroy our civilization. Our only way to keep any sense of a civilized society is that good people have enough guns and ammo to keep law and order

One of the rants is that “guns are for killing”, implying that guns can only kill good people. I agree that guns are designed to kill. The function of a gun is to kill. Big guns, little guns are all designed to kill. They kill game for food. They kill game to reduce over population of various species. Guns are used to kill varmints. Varmints that that kill farm animals, destroy crops and attack humans. Law abiding citizens buy guns to do all the above. Most importantly, law abiding citizens buy guns to defend themselves against bad guys who would do them harm. It is estimated that law abiding citizens use guns about 100,000 to 1,000,000 time a year to defend themselves either by using the gun or often just showing a bad guy that he has a gun works. So, the possibility that up to 100,000 to 1,000,000 more people would be killed or harmed if you took away the ability to defend themselves by limiting or repealing the second amendment. And don’t forget, the police use guns to keep the law.

When you talk about the “common sense gun laws” that limit the people’s right to defend themselves, there is no common sense in that discussion. Those “Common sense gun laws” are exampled in Chicago and they have one of the highest murder rates in the country. You can have your “common sense gun laws” as long as you are one of the people getting shot. Me, I rather have my gun.

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