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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Really Big Gigantic Hoax

The Big Hoax

I was reading EPA Pays $1.2M to Prepare Poor Neighborhoods for Climate Change. The EPA is using Climate Change as an excuse to create and empower Environmental Justice Panels. The purpose of Environmental Justice, social justice or any of the Marxist justice concepts is to take away from one person and give to another. This could be monetary or it could your rights or anything they (not the people) decide is unfair in their viewpoint. It could be to punish you for what you are doing on your own land or just punishing you because you have land. Or it could be taking from you because someone else is at a climate dis-advantage because they can't afford to live in your neighborhood.

All this is based on there being "Global Warming" or so called "Climate Change". There has been no recorded "Global Warming" for the last 18 years. So the Global Warming alarmist say there is a lull or “pause” in Global Warming. So explain this. If the number of computer models predicting Global Warming could not accurately predict the 18 year “pause” (kind of a major event in itself) which was a “near time” event, how can they claim their models are accurate concerning a “far time” event. If zero is the number of models that were correct about the “pause”. Then their models have a zero history of being correct. Does it not stand to reason that there is a zero chance of being correct about ‘Global Warming”? Does this not make it clear to everyone that this is a really big gigantic hoax? Can’t you see that only the people who want a bigger and bigger government and more and more government power to rule over your lives are the ones perpetuating this hoax? Seem obivious to me.

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