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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony

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I have a tree that has many roots. The roots grow just beneath the surface but expose themselves in places where they destroy the walkways and brickwork around the flower gardens. I can destroy just one root. To eliminate all the roots I have to destroy the whole tree. If I cut off one root, there will soon be another to take its places. If I cut off all feeder roots the tree will die.

Within our government, there is now a tree of Marxism. The Hillary/Huma episode (the link above) is just one root of the the Progressive Marxist corruption in high places. We need to destroy enough roots like this so the tree will die or we just kill the tree. We, with God’s help, can destroy roots but only God can ultimately destroy the tree.

The way to destroy the roots (corrupt, Marxist, godless people in places of power) is to become the Church (All of America’s churches) Christ intended for us to be and to win America to Christ as He desired. For years, I have heard the phrase “we are a New Testament Church”. But really, if we compare ourselves to the church Jesus created in the book of Acts, are we really a “new Testament church? I think only a small minority of churches in American even understand what a real New Testament church is. I see churches that sit empty five or six days a week. The New Testament church was meeting daily, worshipping and fellowshipping. They were daily eating together, discipling, growing and changing the world around them. The New Testament church is an active seven-day a week, miracle-working church. That is just the starting point.

To be plain, the American Church as a whole has failed. Failed to be what Christ intended and failed to do what He instructed them to do. To turn American around, we are going to need an “Acts chapter II” revival, a world changing revival. A revival of not just one or two, or ten or twenty people getting saved and filled with the spirit but a revival where there are three to five thousand are getting saved at one time and become fully committed to living the new life in Christ. We must have an Acts 2:42-47 church that changes America and fulfill the plans of Jesus. It is time for people to stop being lukewarm and passive and be what Jesus wants us to be. Jesus did not say, “Sit until I come”. He did not say, “Wait until I come”. He did not say, “Hope for the rapture until I come”. Jesus said in a parable “Occupy until I come”. We are the true “Occupiers”. We are to occupy Wall Street, Main Street and Elm Street. We are to occupy every street in America. We are to go back what Jesus started, the real New Testament Church, a fully power, life changing and world transforming seven days a week church.

We are not restoring America. We are building the Body of Christ as we should in America. We are the body of Christ who lives in America.

The only answer to marxist, socialism, corruptionism is Jesus and Jesus working through his body, the church. That is how we destroy the corruption, its roots and the tree.


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