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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Revival (part 3)

King Asa (2 Chronicles 15) did many good things that pleased the Lord. He cleansed the temple by tearing down altars and statues to other gods and even kicked his grandmother out of the palace (She was the Queen Mother) because she had Asherah poles that she worshiped.

When he went to war the first time he consulted with God through a prophet and God gave him a great victory. Later he decided to go to war but failed to consult with God. He asked another king to help him and proposed his own plan. God didn’t necessarily punish Asa for not consulting with Him, He just let him reap what he had sown. God said Asa would now be at war for the rest of his reign as king. Asa left God out of his plans so God decided not to be involved in helping him in any more wars and now he would have plenty of wars to think about it. Likewise if we choose to leave God out of our plans he will be quite obliging to let us continue on the path we started, without Him. That is what is much of what is happening to America today.

Why is revival so lacking amongst our great American churches? I believe because years ago God moved through America in various revivals movements and a number of the traditional dominations and churches shunned and rejected them because the movements didn’t fit their idea of how God was supposed to behave. Many churches have been taught and still firmly believe that when the bible was completed then there was no more need for apostles, miracles, healings and all the supernatural stuff. They believe that miracles, signs and wonders ended with the original apostles. The consequence of this is when the charismatic movement came in the 1970’s with signs and wonders they rejected it. When God moved through America with the worship revival in the late 1980’s they again rejected it and a number of years passed before they decided it was actually a work of God. Then when God moved in the early 1990’s in Melbourne and Pensacola, Florida, Toronto Canada and other places it was outright rejected even by some churches that had embraced earlier moves of God. These rejections of the different powerful moves of God have accumulated and the results are being reaped by America today. We are suffering the consequences of our own decisions. The many churches and denominations have chosen not to follow God when He revealed Himself to us because He didn’t follow their denominational beliefs. They chose to leave out the parts of God that didn’t suit them so He has let them go their own way.

We can sing “God bless America” all day long but look around at reality people. The churches are not growing. The percentage of Christians in America is down by 10%. Our government is run by an ungodly group of people who wish to eliminate all remembrance of Christianity. Our schools have been nearly purged of moral and spiritual teachings. Our economy is tanking, and the Gulf coast is having a disaster of epic proportions. A disaster that could destroy much of the aquatic life in the gulf and all the jobs that goes with it. And if we don’t get control and solve the debt crisis we will cease to be a nation, period. Our unfunded liabilities, social security, Medicare, etc is nearly 100 trillion dollars. That means every family in America is in debt through the government for one hundred and twenty thousand dollars each this year. That is one hundred twenty thousand dollars you and your children owe right now. Is your government adequately taking care of this problem?

Like Asa we have failed to depend on God. Like Asa we have failed to consult God and let Him fight our battles. Like Asa we have turned to men, influential preacher, politicians, etc. to solve our problems. Our Churches have failed. Our denominations have failed. Our leaders have failed. We have looked at moves of God and said that is not how we want do things. Now there is only one answer: each of our churches must humble themselves, pray and totally sell out to God. Don’t look to the past for the ways and means to do things. Don’t look to old traditions. Look to God with a new attitude and say to Him ‘whatever and however you want to do it God we will believe and follow you’. There will be a new revival soon. Will you continue to reject God and do your own plan, operate in the past and accept the status quo or will you embrace everything the new revival brings? Will I shed my old ways like sackcloth and old wineskins? Will I receive the new wind of the Holy Spirit, wear a new robe of repentance and drink from the new wine that the Holy Spirit pours out? Will I? Will you?


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