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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thinking about Freedom

When you think of freedom what do you think of? The basic essential of freedom is the ability to choose. I am free to choose how I worship, what I say, what I do and where I will spend my money. When I was a child my mother told me where and how I worshipped, what was the right things to say and do and when I did not say or do the right things she demonstrated to me the consequences of being wrong, usually with a belt across the back side.

My freedom is dependent upon doing the right thing. I can say or do what I want but not so that I inflict harm on someone else. That part is called responsibility. In this country we had freedom because everyone basically knew the difference of right and wrong. When the United States was founded we were about 95% Christian and our culture, the beliefs we held about right and wrong were the same.

We now are in a culture where the lines of right and wrong have been washed away. The freedom to speak out is limited by intimidation of the government and the media. The freedom as to how and where I will spend my money is being replaced by the government limiting me making these decisions for me, just like my mother. And now there is even punishment if I try to make my own decisions. The government is going to choose my insurance, the kind of car I drive, the foods I eat all in the name of protecting me. That is what my mother use to tell me, “This is for your own good”. But I’m not a child anymore and I want my freedom to choose and suffer the consequences. I want my freedom to make a good decision and enjoy the rewards and learn from the bad ones.

What people in the government are saying to you and me is that we are not grown up enough to make our own decisions. We need some one in the government to make these decisions for. In other words our freedoms are gone. Our freedoms have been taken away and like the proverbial frog in a frying pan we are now cooked. The last freedom they will take away will be the freedom of religion and speech. They have had this one cooking for a while now. The government will decide if your religion is good for you. Of course you can imagine how a godless government will choose for you. No religion is good for you.

We are at a major turning point in our country. Either we return to a godly constitutional form of government or we take a nosedive to a socialist form of government, of which there will be no recovery.

Our capitalist, free market system has for many years supported and protect the economies of other countries. If we dissolve our economic system into a socialist style economy the other countries economies will crumble. Even communist China, that has embraced a limited free market system, is almost totally depends on the United States to buy their goods and keep their people working and producing. If we quit buying “made in China” products, China’s economy would also fail.

We need a revolution for freedom again. A peaceful, nonviolent but a very loud revolution to return this country to the Christian, freedom inspired, free market, constitutional government that we were in the beginning. The bible tells of the Israelites coming to a juncture where God gave them a choice. The decision was not real complicated. He told them they could choose life or death.

The United States is at a juncture also. The choice is very similar. We can choose freedom like we once had or bondage to a godless government that wants to rule over ever aspect of our lives. Choosing freedom is like choosing life because choosing socialist bondage will be a living death.


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